The 'Bachelorette' May Have Just Aired Its Most Ridiculous Date Yet

ABC/Robert Clark

The Bachelor/ette likes to make its stars take big leaps together, both figuratively and literally. At this point, bungee jumping and skydiving are pretty much a one-on-one date staple, and Alabama Hannah herself went through this wild rite of passage during Monday night's bungee jumping date with Garrett. Except this time, the show upped the ante.

Not only did Garrett and Hannah plummet through the air — they did so stark naked. What a way to get to know each other! They were both pretty freaked out by the idea, but they got it together, stripped down, and went for it. Oh, and did I mention it looked like it was about 20 below zero? Actual snow was falling from the sky while they leaped into the air sans clothes. At least an icy, freezing cold lake was down below them to cushion their fall if anything went wrong.

As you might expect, fans were taken aback by the date, even for Bachelorette standards, and felt pretty badly that Hannah and Garrett had to go through it even though they came away from the experience feeling good. Twitter reactions show that fans weren't really jealous of this date as much as they might've been of a shopping spree or fancy dinner.

First of all, these are some sneaky producers. Garrett was obviously in the dark, but even Hannah didn't know what they were in for.

And the weather didn't help things. This was obviously a date that should have taken place in the summertime, if it was going to take place at all. Who wants to be naked when you really should be piling on the layers? Even after the actual jump, Garrett and Hannah only had a couple of measly robes.

Particularly on what's essentially a first date and when you've never intimate with the other person, do you really want to be naked right off the bat? It has the potential to be a fun experience, but could also become awkward pretty quickly.

And all logistical issues aside, this was just a bizarre date to pick. Of all the things to do in Latvia.

On the other hand, some viewers were on board with the date, which was presented as a Latvian tradition. When in Rome, I guess! It was certainly an adventure.

Hannah and Garrett both seemed pleased with how the date went, even though I'm sure they might have appreciated a heavy coat or a mug of hot chocolate afterward. It was a terrifying shared experience they got to have together, no matter how strange it seemed, and it ultimately brought them closer together. Even if the couple doesn't end up together in the end, it'll be a great story to tell someday.

Of course, the other issue with this whole bungee jumping date is that it sent the always dramatic Luke P. on a slut-shamey tangent about Hannah being naked with another man. But truly, I'm ready to be done thinking about Luke P. forever. Let's all just bask in the weird, naked glory of the bungee jump date, and let Luke's drama fall to the wayside for a little bit.