Grocery Joe Was Hilariously Bad At Babysitting On 'BiP' & Twitter Was All About It

Paul Hebert/ABC

As if America couldn't fall further in love with Grocery Joe, ABC goes and does this — they give him not one baby, but two. Grocery Joe babysat on Bachelor In Paradise, and, man, don't be surprised if mass hysteria breaks out trying to nail down this man. He's a keeper. Twitter even thinks so.

Kendall and Joe are already the most 'shippable couple on Bachelor In Paradise, but Bachelor alumni Carly, Evan, Tanner, and Jade really upped the ante when they dropped their lil' babies off at the Bachelor compound for some free babysitting, care of Kendall and Joe. Personally, I would assume that all that Instagram money could have easily paid for a parent's day out, but hey — when in Paradise, do something silly in Paradise. It's romantic, after all. So when the parents were away drinking drinks, getting facials, concocting movie montages, and wearing bathrobes, Kendall and Joe were selected to watch Emmy and Bella, dem babies. It was all very cute, actually — Joe was confident in his skills, saying that all of his cousins have kids and, you know, that makes him really good with kids. And if all else fails, he'll make 'em laugh! These are direct quotes, really.

Bella and Emmy were just fine, minus a small tantrum or two, but what was really the most fun part to watch was Joe with a baby, and then Joe watching Kendall holding a baby. Sorry, my ovaries fell out of my body, as did Twitter's. Fans were really excited about this day date activity.

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Forget cowboys — where have all the Grocery Joes gone?

Everyone Was Truly Smitten

Who could blame us?

Joe Inspired A Lot Of Dreams

Don't wake me up.

It Made Many Think Jendall Is Endgame


It's easy to be in love with Joe because he can handle a baby, but it's also easy to be in love with Joe because he's open and honest with his feelings. First, Kevin telling the world he's in therapy and he doesn't feel like he's enough in relationships, and now Joe speaking with Kendall about being in a long-term relationship and why he blows up his couplings because he doesn't want to care about someone and then hurt them. I mean, damn! It's the season of (besides Leo) the sensitive Bachelor In Paradise star!

That's how you make relationships work, people! You decide to be vulnerable and you share your hopes and problems and dreams and hope that they match up with the other person's. Kendall and Joe work because they are making it work. Sure, they look good with babies and will make really nice ones, if that's their path, but that sort of honesty and teamwork in the face of scary admissions or two screaming toddlers is what gets you through the tough stuff. If Kendall and Joe don't work out (perish the thought!), plenty of women in America will be looking to check him out.