Fans Are Convinced Hannah B. Will Be The Next Bachelorette After The Women Tell All

by Nicole Pomarico
Eric McCandless/ABC

Now that The Bachelor is starting to wrap up for the season, fans are starting to make their predictions about who the next Bachelorette might be. And if Twitter is any indication, it seems like a certain former pageant queen might be a fan favorite for the gig. Tweets about Hannah B. on "Women Tell All" prove that a lot of fans are rooting for her to be the next Bachelorette.

To be totally fair, we are getting very close to ABC making the big announcement; traditionally, the next leading lady will be named during "After The Final Rose," which is set to air next week after the Bachelor finale. But in the meantime, everyone's making their guesses, and at this point, it's hard to pin down exactly who it might be — but all of Hannah B.'s recent Bachelor appearances have been clear auditions for The Bachelorette. After Colton sent her home, she promised that she'd wait to find the person who made her feel chosen, and then, on "Women Tell All" she re-enacted the toast she did with Colton earlier this season and nailed it, telling Chris Harrison all about how she almost settled for the wrong person in the past

Is this the words of a Bachelorette or what? Many fans thought so, and they headed to Twitter to voice their opinions.

This tweet pointed out something very important: That Hannah was probably so chill while everyone else was wrapped up in drama because she already knew she had the Bachelorette thing in the bag:

Others were accepting the reality that if The Bachelorette has to come from Colton's pool of women, Hannah B. is probably the best option:

And others were putting in their requests for Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise all at the same time, which is pretty efficient. Also, Demi on BiP is actually excellent casting, so hopefully the producers are paying attention to these tweets.

And others were imagining how Caelynn might be feeling knowing that Hannah B. might be the next Bachelorette. It's hard to know if this is accurate or not, though, since it's totally possible that these two have put their feud behind them since they were on the show (and competing in pageants together last year). Maybe she'd be happy for her if Hannah got the job?

And a lot of people are just really, really excited at the thought that Hannah could be it next season.

She's definitely gotten better at her toasting skills, which is essential for night one. Maybe she's more prepared for the job now that she's been on The Bachelor? There's only one way to find out, and that's giving her a few roses to hand out herself.

We won't know for sure who the next Bachelorette is until next week at the earliest, but if the Bachelor producers are keeping an eye on social media, it seems like Twitter has spoken. Hannah B.'s fans are out there, and they are plenty.