Hannah B.'s 'Bachelor' Send-Off Was Kind Of Harsh

Rick Rowell/ABC

There comes a point in every Bachelor contestant's life that she has to get on that plane alone and fly on home — unless, of course, she wins. Then, she gets to fly home with the Bachelor and a big ol' Neil Lane ring. But that wasn't how Hannah B.'s story ended on The Bachelor. Instead, she flew back from Southeast Asia to the United States and was promptly dismissed. Why did Hannah B. go home on The Bachelor? She was so close to getting that hometown date, and yet so far away.

Before we get there, it must be said that Hannah B., even though she must have seen at least a handful of Bachelor episodes in her skant years on Earth, did not get the rules of the show. The person to constantly complain about another contestant and claim that said other contestant is there "for the wrong reasons" and what not gets bounced. It may not be today, and it may not be tomorrow, but it happens, always. So because of Hannah B. and Caelynn and their pageant drama, it was only a matter of time before Hannah B. and her Roll Tide t-shirt were shown the door. And for the record? Caelynn, who did her best to brush off Hannah B.'s comments, got a hometown date. What have we learned here, folks?

Rick Rowell/ABC

Snitches do, apparently, get to meet Colton's family. Perhaps the saddest part of Hannah B.'s being sent home was that she was booted on her very own one-on-one date. A one-on-one date at this point in the Bachelor game is almost like an insurance policy for getting Colton to meet your parents, and added to that the fact that Hannah B. got to meet Colton's family, and this all should have been a slam-dunk for Hannah B. But Colton's dad told Colton to look deep inside his heart and try and figure out what he really wanted for the future. Hannah B. should have known the minute that Colton got in the car that she was a goner. Sorry, girl.

Hannah B. was blindsided by Colton's admission that he wasn't as into her as she was into him, but this is the time on The Bachelor when the Bachelor has to make the tough decisions. Both Hannah B. and Colton said that it wouldn't be fair to go further with her parents if Colton couldn't look them in the eyes and say he wanted to be with their daughter, and he's totally right. For his part, Colton has been wholly fair and kind during all of his breakups on The Bachelor so far. Some women have admitted they were falling in love and some haven't, but Colton has been a real peach during the exits.

Hannah B. was miffed when Colton sent her home, saying that Colton's actions and eliminations don't match up with what he's said he wanted in a wife, but at the end of the day, Colton and Hannah B. are better off apart so they can find true relationships that are perfect matches for them both. And if not? There's always Bachelor In Paradise.