These 'Bachelorette' Finale Tweets Nail Everything That Happened

by Marenah Dobin

To describe the Season 13 Bachelorette finale as "emotional" would be a major understatement. Sure, the tears were flowing for Rachel Lindsay and her final three contestants, Peter Kraus, Eric Bigger, and Bryan Abasolo, but tweets about the Bachelorette finale show that viewers were going through a wide range of emotions right along with them.

No matter who you were rooting for to get that final rose, the episode was just so taxing. From Eric handling his breakup with the most amazing and classy speech possible to Peter's tears during his goodbye with Rachel, it really was a roller coaster. And on top of that, there were the live segments with Rachel and Chris Harrison placed in between scenes from the episode instead of after the proposal like the franchise has done in years past. There was so much tension and so many tears. It was a lot to take on even as as someone watching and not at all involved in the action.

It is very difficult to watch The Bachelorette and just be casual viewer. You either don't watch this show or you are beyond invested. Needless to say the fandom had a lot of strong reactions to Rachel's final episode — and her final pick.

1. This Isn't About Me

It is Rachel's life. It is Rachel's life. It is Rachel's life. As obvious as that is, it is just so tough to remember that fact.

2. Eric Would Be Solid Choice

Eric really came in hot at the end there. If only he had more time!

3. Eric's New Beard Makes A Major Difference

Wow. Talk about a glow up.

4. Eric Was The Real Winner Last Night

He definitely seemed content after the breakup. He was really killing it.

5. No One Is Buying That Spanish Dictionary Gift

Cute idea, but a did Bryan really make that? Or is it like the dates that "Rachel plans"?

6. Peter Makes So Much Sense

So. Rational.

7. Rachel & Peter Both Have Valid Points

Both of them have were honest and confident in their views, and that ended up being their downfall.

8. Hopefully, Bryan Wasn't A Default Choice

Let's just hope the fans were fooled by the editing and Bryan wasn't actually just a default decision.

9. Peter's Heartbreak Is The Perfect Set Up For Next Season

Everyone was thinking this.

10. Peter Has To Be The Next Bachelor

Peter has "Bachelor" written all over him.

11. Rachel Does Not Seem Down To See Peter As The Bachelor

Rachel made it very clear that this "journey" wasn't a good fit for Peter.

12. Rachel Didn't Let Peter Go Through With A "Sacrifice"


13. The Wind At The Proposal Was Not Promising

Was it a sign or was it just a coincidental breeze?

14. Rachel Is Taking It Slow With Bryan, But Not Peter?

Poor Peter.

15. Copper Went MIA

How does Rachel's dog feel about this?

16. Peter's Fans Are Not Taking This Well

A lot of people feel this way.

17. "Love" Is Getting Thrown Around A Lot

That must have been hard for Bryan to watch.

18. Rachel Is The Bachelorette, Not You


19. Everyone Deserves A Break After That Finale

Such an overwhelming night.

20. The Hate Is Unnecessary

EXACTLY. Thank you, Kaitlyn.

Wow. What a ride. A recovery day (or five) is definitely necessary after everything that went down.