Tweets About ‘The Men Tell All’ Point Out What Was Missing

ABC/Paul Hebert

The Bachelorette fandom is only blessed with two hours of Men Tell All, which means that there is still a lot that viewers are left wishing they could see. So, of course, fans made all of their thoughts known by tweeting about what they thought was missing from the Men Tell All episode of Rachel's Bachelorette season.

It makes sense that not every single thing was included, especially since this Men Tell All special was more serious than ones in the past have been. Most of the conversation centered around disgraced contestant Lee Garrett for his feuds with most cast of the cast members, especially Kenny King, as well as his controversial tweets.

Much of the episode was far from lighthearted, but since there were still some lighter moments included, like the bloopers and the inclusion of Kenny's daughter, there were still some other light topics that people wanted addressed. There were some popular contestants who weren't present on the stage, in the bloopers, or in the conversation, who seriously should have been. Rachel Lindsay herself didn't even appear on the scene until the end. It felt weird watching over an hour of the show and not even seeing her.

While the show tackled a tough topic at long last, there were just a few things missing from the episode. If you were thinking it while watching, someone else probably tweeted it.

1. Why Wasn't Peter In The Bloopers?

A Peter-free episode is just not acceptable.

2. Why Wasn't Blake K There?

#JusticeForBlakeK. He was only on the show for one night and fans still miss him.

3. Why Wasn't DeMario Wearing A Suit?

He was literally the only one.

4. Why Wasn't There More Rachel In The Bloopers?

Her dig about Josiah being "salty" while eating a bag of chips was just too good. Why wasn't there more of that premium content?

5. Where Was Rachel This Whole Time?

Rachel appeared in the episode way later than 9:15. Not cool.

7. Why Wasn't There A BIP Preview?

The Bachelor in Paradise cast was in the audience, yet fans didn't get another new trailer for the season even though Chris Harrison teased us.

8. Why Wasn't Dean Announced As The Bachelor?


9. Why Can't We Look At Peter?

Yes, Peter is in the top three so that's why he wasn't there, but why did viewers have to suffer like this? There should have been some sort of compromise made.

10. Why Didn't We Hear From Everyone?

Everyone who left the show early on would not shut up. What about the guys who actually left the country for dates? Speaking of...

11. Why Are Adam & Matt Still Excluded From The Show?

Why didn't they show footage of Rachel's time with the guys who got in fifth and sixth place, but yet were featured on the show so little that Rachel had to address the concerns?

For the most part, Men Tell All did it's job, but there were definitely some questions that fans were left with.