Krystal Played With Fans' Emotions On Last Night’s ‘Bachelor’ & Twitter Didn’t Hold Back

by Marenah Dobin
ABC/Paul Hebert

The early episodes of a Bachelor season can be tough to watch. It's not particularly emotionally draining, but there are just so many girls to pay attention to and keep track of. Nevertheless, throughout Week 2 of Arie's Bachelor season Krystal stood out and took viewers on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

At first it was great to have at least one suitor who was easy to recognize without her name popping up on the screen. First, she stood out when she was a total downer by discussing motorcycle accidents after Arie showed up for his one-on-one with Becca K on one. And soon after that, she got her own one-on-one date with Arie and the viewers got some quality time with her.

Unfortunately, watching that solo date with Arie — and everything that came after — was a series of ups and downs for fans. It was tough forming an opinion that really stuck. Arie seemed so into her, so it made sense to root for her. And she got surprised by a visit with his parents, so it was easy to feel sympathy for her nerves. Then, Krystal opened up about her childhood and everyone wanted to give her a hug and a comforter.

She got a rose at the end of the date, so she had nothing to worry about at the rose ceremony and things seemed like they'd be smooth sailing for Krystal and viewers alike. Unfortunately, though, the rose didn't stop Krystal from interrupting Arie's private time with the other ladies during the cocktail party. Multiple times. She even got into it with Bibiana at the end of the episode. (And on top of all that, there are some viewers with a disdain for her sound of voice.)

It was tough Monday night deciding how to feel about Krystal as a viewer. Here are some of the tweets that express the roller coaster of emotions that Krystal brought to the fandom.

1. She Had A Valid Concern About Motorcycles

Krystal is not the only person who is scared to hop on a motorcycle.

2. She Brought Down The Mood With The Motorcycle Talk

On the other hand, the ladies were talking about how Becca K's date with Arie got off to a fun start when he picked her up at the mansion on his motorcycle. Then Krystal reminded them that people can get injured on motorcycles and no one knew how to react.

3. Seriously, It Was A Lot

Sure, people can get hurt on motorcycles, but people can also trip on the flat sidewalk.

4. There Are So Many Great Things About Krystal, But It's Tough Forming An Opinion

Krystal is clearly a caring person, but she's also very aggressive on her quest for private time with Arie. It's just hard forming an opinion and sticking to it when it comes to her.

5. Meeting The Parents With No Warning Is Tough

Whether you love Krystal or not, meeting someone's parents during a first date is an awful lot for any person to handle.

6. Her Date Seemed Stressful

Yikes. That was so awkward. He didn't even give her a warning in the car on the way there. They just showed up at the house and he told her in the driveway.

7. It Was Brave Of Krystal To Open Up

It's tough to open up to any person, let alone on an extremely popular TV show with a very opinionated audience.

8. Her Story Was Heartbreaking

Wow. Krystal really has been through a lot in her life.

9. She Deserves A Chance

Krystal had a tough time growing up. Should the other contestants (and viewers) cut her a break?

10. Her Story Brought Fans Back To Kristina Last Season

Last season, Kristina got a lot of love after she shared her story. But it looks like many fans don't feel quite the same sympathy for Krystal.

11. She's Really Coming On Strong

Yikes. It was hard not to get second hand embarrassment when Krystal asked Arie if missed her while there were 20 other people in that house.

12. She Dominated The Cocktail Party

Even though she already had a rose, Krystal went out of her way to make it clear that she wasn't there to make friends. She wanted Arie all to herself and she tried her best to make that happen.

13. Is She This Season's Villain?

Both Chelsea and Krystal are going hard when it comes to securing private time with Arie. Who is the true "villain" this season?

14. She's Just Focused On Her Man

The premise of this show is to date the Bachelor, so why wouldn't Krsytal focus on that?

15. Bibiana Checking Krystal Was Glorious

The episode wasn't the most exciting... then Bibiana got fed up with Krystal taking over the cocktail party when she already had a rose. Bibiana said what a lot of people were thinking.

Clearly, Arie is into Krystal, so it looks like she will stick around for a bit, but how will the viewers feel? If Week 2 is any indication, the opinions will be shifting over and over again.