Tweets From The Ariana Grande Concert In Manchester Are Terrifying

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After an explosion reportedly went off at the end of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, on Monday night, harrowing tweets from concert-goers already show the panic-filled scene at the venue. Local police have informed that "there are a number of confirmed fatalities" in a statement, while fans and families still wait for more details about what exactly occurred.

Reuters reported that the explosion occurred around 10:35p.m. UTC as attendees (many young fans, teenagers, and their families) were leaving Manchester arena — the largest indoor arena in Europe that holds up to 21,000 people — following the show's encore. Manchester Arena's official twitter account tweeted that "the incident took place outside the venue in a public space" and, according to a statement provided by the singer's management to Variety, Grande is "okay."

Announcing the number of injuries and fatalities in double digits (19 people confirmed dead and 50 confirmed inured), the Manchester Police are still asking people to avoid the area and tweeted that they are setting up an emergency phone number for individuals concerned about locating their families and loved ones.

Tweets and photos from the area from press, fans and on-lookers still show the heavy police presence and a great deal of confusion.

One user shared a video of attendees clamoring to leave the stadium.

Another Twitter user shared a video of the crowds and emergency responders arriving on the scene.

Families and groups are trying to regroup outside the arena.

Reuters also shared photos of fans outside the venue on their phones, as additional reports from BBC News and other outlets indicate that young attendees are trying to meet up with and contact their families and guardians.

Other videos showed crowds fleeing the arena.

Other fans described the chaotic scene with "running and screaming."

BuzzFeed UK's Hannah Al-Othman tweeted that with trains not running, many people are concerned about not being able to get home.

Fans were spotted leaving the scene, still holding on to the pink balloons released at the end of Grande's show.

Other images showed police and emergency responders escorting injured fans.

Alongside the terrifying images from earlier in the night, the internet has already rallied to send good thoughts and tributes to those in Manchester as more details emerge. Here are some ways you can help.

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