Pray For Manchester Tweets & Tributes

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On Monday night, explosions were reported at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. According to police, at least 19 people were killed and around 50 were injured. Quickly following reports of the deadly incident, there was an outpouring of mourning and tributes online under #PrayForManchester and #PrayForAriana. Grande's representative confirmed that the singer is OK.

While initial reports have yet to confirm what happened with the explosions, police are reportedly investigating it as a potential terrorist incident. Loud bangs were heard at the end of the concert, and police immediately responded to the incident, requesting that people stay away, as there were a number of fatalities. Later, police performed a controlled explosion on what was deemed a "suspicious item."

Celebrities joined together on Twitter to share their devastation over the incident: Chrissy Teigen said she was at a loss for words, Ellie Goulding sent her love, and many others sharing prayers and thoughts. But fans around the world also jumped online to express their sadness and wish for the best for everyone involved, from Grande herself to all the "Arianators" out there.

Here are some of the tweets and tributes people sent online as news of the tragedy continued to roll in.

Better Days

Stunned & Sad

Even in Texas, people are mourning the tragedy.

From Manchester's Danny Dearden

According to his Twitter bio, Dearden is a local singer/songwriter.

Sending Prayers

The "Whine Up" singer expressed her thoughts and prayers for the Manchester concertgoers.

Listen To This Song

"My Heart Is With You"


This Drawing


"All My Support"

"We Are Here For You"

Hoping Everyone Is OK

Always & Forever

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