People In The Path Of Totality Are Sharing Stunning Images Of The Eclipse & Twitter Is Freaking Out


The day is finally here: The Great American Solar Eclipse is happening and it's blowing peoples' minds. Missing out on the action? Check out these Twitter reactions from peoples along the path of totality. It'll almost be like you're there. Sort of.

Talk of this August's total solar eclipse has been building for months, if not years — which is likely mostly because the United States hasn't experienced a total solar eclipse since 1979, and it's been nearly a century since once was visible from coast to coast. But humans have been making a huge deal of eclipses for millennia: The Ancient Greeks believed a solar eclipse indicative of angry, warring gods, or a sign of impending destruction. In ancient China, they thought a dragon was chowing down on the sun. In Norse cultures, that dragon was a wolf. And in Italy, it's thought that flowers planted during a solar eclipse are bigger and brighter than their boring, old non-eclipse brothers and sisters.

A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the earth and the sun, completely blocking the sun for a period of around three minutes. The first folks to see it today? Coastal Oregonians. Then, along the path of totality, a swath of land about 70 miles wide, people watching in the West, the Midwest and all the way down to South Carolina will nab a view. Those outside of the path of totality will still see a partial eclipse, which is still pretty amazing.

Curious what it was like? Mad you missed it? Check out these tweets from people who were within the path of totality:

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