'Twilight' Star Kellan Lutz Reveals Whether He'd Ever Play Emmett Again In Another Movie

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It's been a decade since the world was introduced to the movie version of Forks, Washington, where vampires came in the form of gorgeous, amber-eyed Cullens and where humans could turn into shapeshifting wolves overnight. With such a big anniversary, the idea of a reboot or sequel is naturally in the air, and a few stars of the franchise are entertaining the idea — including Kellan Lutz, who thinks another Twilight movie could most definitely happen.

In the franchise, Lutz played Emmett Cullen, Edward's big, teddy-bear brother. When I ask if he'd potentially return to another Twilight movie, the actor is all on-board. "Yeah I think it'd be really cool," he says when we speak in October, "If they ever did a prequel, or an origin story, or just went down another path, or maybe told the story from the Volturi point of view more heavily."

Yet when it comes to a straight-up reboot, Lutz doesn't know if that'd work just a decade after the last Twilight movie's release (the original is now out on 4K Blu-Ray). "I don't know if they'd reboot it, maybe they'd have to wait," he says. "I just don't think that there's much more to add to it, especially budget and CGI wise."

If a direct sequel did happen, it could perhaps revolve around what happens when Renesmee turns 18 — won't it be super weird for everyone when she and Jacob actually become lovers? Will Bella and Edward be overprotective parents? Will everyone just totally freak out? Also, there are bound to be consequences to what happened in Breaking Dawn. The Volturi don't give second chances, especially not after they were so blatantly disrespected.

Stephenie Meyer — the author of all the books — has not finished and published Midnight Sun, but she did write an alternate version of the first book, so it's possible that she might one day give fans answers to these questions in another book and/or movie. Yet as for an actual on-screen reboot, in 2012 Meyer told MTV that we'd probably have to wait around 15 years for something to work well.

That said, Variety reported last August that Lionsgate was looking into more Twilight movies, and focusing on stories other than Bella's and Edward's was potentially the route execs wanted to explore. Staying within the same universe but highlighting different characters would be very interesting, especially if filmmakers took Lutz's suggestion of focusing on the Volturi.

If there is eventually a new movie with a plot involving the Cullen clan, Lutz says he would gladly return. "It'd be fun, I'd definitely be back," he reveals. "And I think a lot of the actors would be back, for hopefully more or all of them, to do a sixth movie."

Although a decade has passed since the first film, Lutz says he thinks the Twilight actors could still easily play their parts. In "your 20s and 30s, you grow mentally and not physically so much," he explains. "So I feel like I could still go back 10 years... we could go back, or we could redo the movies right now, and we'd all look the same."

Lutz isn't the only Twilight actor who's voiced interest in another movie. Elizabeth Reaser is game to play matriarch Esme again, telling Hollywood Life, "I’m always open to things coming back... when something is great source material, why not revisit it?" Press Association (via Metro) reports that Kristen Stewart, aka Bella Swan-Cullen herself, would "definitely be the first" to read a fifth Twilight book, if one were to come out, and Robert Pattinson would don the golden contacts and pale skin again "at a moment's notice," as he told Variety.

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10 years has flown by for Lutz, and when asked what he's taken away from the Twilight experience, he emphasizes that it's "just to try and be as present as possible." Adds the actor, "Being a part of the movies for years, it's just hard to process it all. And just to do the best that you can and don't take it for granted. Just like everything in life, just trying to enjoy when you are, where you are."

Since his Twilight days, Lutz has played Hercules, starred in action movies like Expendables 3, Extraction, and the upcoming Speed Kills, and he'll also be in the 2019 comedy What Men Want, alongside Taraji P. Henson. He is also coming up on his first wedding anniversary to wife Brittany Lutz.

So regardless of what happens with the Twilight saga — whether a spinoff or sequel ever happens, or possibly another iteration within the same universe — there's no denying that it impacted the lives of countless people back in 2008, including Lutz. And if another movie does happen, the actor and the rest of the former castmates would be welcomed back with open arms from the Twi-hard community.