Here's What Got This Former Trump Advisor Booted Off Twitter

by Morgan Brinlee
Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Twitterverse was down a few profanities Saturday after Twitter reportedly banned former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone from the social media network. The longtime ally of President Donald Trump (whom Trump publicly cut ties with in 2015) had his tweeting privileges revoked Saturday morning after Twitter determined he'd violating their rules with a vaguely threatening, profanity-laced Twitter rant.

"I guess you have really arrived when your brief suspension on Twitter is national news," Stone wrote Saturday in a post on his official Facebook as more and more media outlets began to cover his forced-absence on Twitter.

But while some media outlets have reported he was banned from the social media network outright, Stone has said Twitter told him it would be a temporary suspension from tweeting, liking, or retweeting. "After twitter found that a tweet of mine, I was informed that I was suspended for three hours and 22 minutes," he wrote on Facebook. "That suspension... did [end] some time ago yet my Twitter feed is still not functional."

In his Facebook post, Stone included a screenshot of the message he'd reportedly received from Twitter when attempting to access his account. "We have determined that you have violated the Twitter Rules, so we've temporarily limited some of your account features," the message read. "Your account will be restored to full functionality in: 1 minute." As of Sunday afternoon Stone's official @RogerJStoneJr account was showing up as suspended.

Stone was reportedly removed from the microblogging network sometime Saturday morning after going on a late-night profanity-laced Twitter rant (which has been preserved thanks to the Trump Twitter Archive) after CNN broke the news of an indictment in the Russia probe. In his rant, Stone attacked a slew of CNN reporters, including Jake Tapper, Don Lemon, Anna Navarro, and Carl Bernstein.

"@jaketapper must be held accountable for his lies and very severely punished #Fakenewsasswipe," Stone wrote in one tweet. "@donlemon stop lying about about the Clinton's and Uranium you ignorant lying covksucker!!!! You fake news you dumb piece of shit," another tweet posted to Stone's official account read.

While Twitter isn't commenting on Stone's suspension per company policy, Recode claims Twitter insiders are pointing to one specific tweet Stone posted late Friday as the reason behind his ban. According to the tech news site, Stone reportedly violated Twitter's rules regarding harassment when he tweeted, "@donlemon must be confronted, humiliated, mocked and punished." The Twitter Rules clearly state users "may not incite or engage in the targeted abuse or harassment of others."

On Facebook, Stone appeared chafed at Twitter's reported delay in restoring his account, implying the social media network may be caving to media pressure. "Several media outlets are reporting that I have been permanently banned but Twitter has not informed me that that is the case – yet they seem to be telling reporters I am permanently banned," Stone wrote on Facebook.

However, Stone may have found a way to keep tweeting despite the ban as it appears he's taken over @STONEFLIK, the Twitter account linked to his Netflix film Get Me Roger Stone. "Friends: Thank you for your support," Stone reportedly wrote in a tweet posted to @STONEFLIK. "Twitter has made a grave mistake which, if not rectified, will prove the 'Thought Police' narrative which will be very damaging to them."

But don't expect Stone to hand over his right to tweet without a fight. In a statement to TheWrap, the former Trump campaign advisor accused "the tech left" of attempting to "silence conservative voices" and vowed to bring legal action against the social media network. "I have retained one of the best telecommunications lawyers in the country and will be bringing a legal action against Twitter over the suspension of my account," Stone reportedly told TheWrap. "The battle for free speech has just begun."