Twitter Is Loving Vicki Vines & Gary For Living Their Best Life At The 2017 Oscars


If you thought that you were having a good time Sunday night, then you had nothing on Gary and Vicki Vines at the 2017 Oscars. The couple, who from Chicago and are currently engaged and soon to be married, were among the bus tour group that Jimmy Kimmel brought into the Oscars to meet all the celebrities, and they soon reached memetic and legendary status among the denizens of the Twitterverse. For good reason. I mean, between the fact that they're the cutest pair ever and Vicki's reaction to meeting Denzel Washington being all of our reactions to meeting Denzel Washington, is it any wonder that they're basically heroes now? Champions, even?

And the cuteness didn't stop there. Vicki was also given Jennifer Aniston's sunglasses by host Jimmy Kimmel, and her putting them on was just so funny and cute that the world fell in love. (OK, so Twitter doesn't necessarily represent the entire world, but, in this instance, I prefer to think that it does.) Vicki and Gary are all of us, and were the only two in the crowd who seemed genuinely overwhelmed and excited to be in a room full of their favorite celebrities. It was almost like the entire group had practiced this before or something — except these two.

And Twitter was eating it up.

1. Facts

All this time I thought I was Kadeen Griffiths, but it turns out I was Vicki and Gary Vines.

2. Hands Down

And this is really saying a lot, considering I've seen Kingsman: The Secret Service.

3. Beats Her Wedding Day

Sorry, Gary.

4. Changing The Game

It'll be a nice shift from those boring suits anyway.

5. I Would Watch The Hell Out Of That

You know you would, too. Don't lie.

6. That Picture Tho

I can't. Can the Oscars just end on this note?

7. Living The Dream

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that we are so #blessed Gary didn't pass up.

8. Get Yourself A Man Like Gary

Men of the world, take note.

9. #Respect

I'll just leave this here.

Personally speaking, I could have done without a tour group making the already long ceremony last even longer, but it was all worth it for the gift that was Vicki Vines and Gary.

So hat's off to Vicki Vines and Gary for living their best life at the 2017 Oscars and, in doing so, injecting some levity and relatability into a frequently dull ceremony. I think I've just found my two favorite hometown heroes.