Twitter Reactions To Miss Colombia Prove She's A Fan Favorite

Miss Colombia/Instagram

The Miss Universe 2017 pageant may have aired at the same time as the Screen Actors' Guild Awards but it was no less glamorous. The Twitter reactions to Miss Colombia are all the proof you need to prove that Sunday evening's show was a spectacular that could rival any Hollywood star. With contestants from countries around the world, standing out would seem difficult, but for Miss Colombia, Andrea Tovar, it didn't seem too difficult. In fact, I think it would be fair to say that she's the unofficial fan favorite.

It's not too difficult to see why. Her answers to on-stage interview questions have been articulate and well-thought out under immense pressure. Her opening gown, red carpet dress, swimsuit, and evening gown have all been major show stoppers as well. Basically, she's been slaying this competition, and people have taken notice.

While all of the women on the stage Sunday night were confident, talented, and smart, Miss Colombia's place in the top three of the night truly set her apart. While she's in good company with Miss France and Miss Haiti, the internet seems to have made her the unofficial world wide web favorite if you take a glance at Twitter.

From those who voted for her to advance earlier in the evening to those just in awe of her, she's definitely made an impact.

She is truly stunning.

You can't miss the irony if she were to win considering the previous pageant's unfortunate mishap during crowning.

Her home team is definitely rooting for her.

People also love that she's also clearly brilliant.

Let's be honest. She also seems super relatable.

She's many viewers' choice for winner.

Viewers love her show of emotion.

While she may not have taken the crown, Miss Colombia's place as the second runner up is still incredible and a stunning accomplishment for Andrea Tovar.