Twitter Can't Handle The Morphe X Jaclyn Hill News

by Augusta Statz

Jaclyn Hill is right up there with Kylie Jenner as far as her creating-suspense skills are concerned. She’s been generating a lot of hype about a mystery collaboration, dropping subtle clues along the way. First, we knew she was creating a palette. Amazing. Then, she showed us the packaging. Even better. But now, she’s finally announced who she collaborated with. We’re getting so close to having all of the details now! These Twitter reactions to Morphe X Jaclyn Hill prove that her fans can not handle how excited they are for this palette to launch.

According to Hill’s Instagram, she’s been working with Morphe Brushes to make this dream palette a reality for two years. It’s going to be available to shop in March, according to the post. And seriously, the month can’t get here soon enough! Fans haven’t even seen what the packaging holds inside, and they’re still dying to get their hands on whatever it is. Honestly, who could blame them?

Hill is known for her makeup skills, and her other collabs, like, I don’t know, that major one with BECCA, for example, was a huge hit. So, expect nothing less than greatness from this next product launch.

If the shadows are anywhere near as amazing as the photo shoot, prepare to fall in love.


March really can't get here soon enough!

I need my eyes looking like this, girl. Come thru!

1. Need

People don't know what it looks like, but still know they need it.

2. Saving Up

In fact, they're already saving up so they can snag it, no matter the price.

3. Tears Of Joy

Folks are on the verge of tears. Happy tears, of course!

4. Hyped

Even those who don't wear a whole lot of eye product still can't wait to get their hands on this.

5. Ready

Come to mama!

6. Screaming

Let the cheers begin.

7. Hallelujah!


8. Excuse Me

I'm just going to freak out for a minute.

9. Launch Date

OK, but exactly what hour on what day in March will it be available?

10. Not A Drill

Hold on tight, everyone.

11. Must-Have

Hill's worked hard to create an incredible range of shadows, so whatever she puts out, you've got to have it! Her fans obviously know what's up.