When Is Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Coming Out? There's Finally A Time Frame To Look Forward To


The big reveal is finally here! Fans of Jaclyn Hill have been following along with the YouTube star on social media, and sitting on the edge of their seats, just waiting to find out what her upcoming collaboration was going to entail. She gave clues that she was creating a palette just recently, and now, finally, she’s announced who her partnership is with. When is Morphe X Jaclyn Hill coming out? There’s not much longer to wait now!

According to an Instagram post, the duo has been working on this range of eye shadows for two years. You can expect to shop it in March, which honestly still seems far away. But hey, if you’ve been waiting two years already, what’s two more months, you know?

In the post Hill admitted that she was extremely conscious of how the formula blended, the pigmentation and all that goes into creating an awesome eye shadow look. She feels as though she’s nailed it now, and it’s almost time for her to release the creation to the world. And so, your new go-to palette was born! Now comes the intense struggle of waiting to get your hands on it. I believe in you. Come on, Hill fans. You can do it!

This photo shoot is stunning. I can only imagine the shadow shades are just as beautiful.


Umm, is it March yet?

Hill's the queen of glam, so if her shadows will get me any closer to achieving looks like this, I'm here for it.


The teasing's been almost too much to handle.


The first glimpse of the palette was amazing.


But, just when you think she's going to show what's inside... she stops. That is such a sweet message to her fans, though.

After this announcement, the Internet is not OK.

The excitement is all too real right now!

Don't mind me, I'll be over here counting down the days, scratch that, hours, until March.