Twitter Loves Yeezy Season 5

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Another New York Fashion Week, another week filled to the brim with Kardashians, Jenners, and Wests. On Wednesday, it was all about the Wests as Kanye West's Yeezy Season 5 debuted at NYFW, and people were here for the show whether they loved the collection or not. While last year's Yeezy is completely unforgettable due to fainting models and Kylie Jenner's underboob, Yeezy Season 5 also offered some seriously stellar moments like having model Halima Aden — the first woman to compete in the Miss Minnestoa USA competition in a hijad and burkini — rock the runway.

While there were memorable moments, the fashion clearly stole the show. Of course, the styles stayed fairly consistent to West's signature look. There was a plethora of oversized jackets and hoodies, and fur made a huge appearance in the form of a floor length coat on Halima Aden. The difference in the collection, though, seems to be the additional of more color. While the hues still seem to fall toward neutrals and darks, the switch marks a change from West's Yeezy Season 4 which featured almost exclusively neutral and olive tones.

With the new additions to the Yeezy line, new reactions abound, and West's fans and critics have begun to chime in on Twitter.

1. It May Be People's Favorite

Who can blame them, though?

2. In Dark Times, You Can Count On Yeezy

It's the little things.

3. The Continued Diversity in Yeezy Is Amazing

Halima Aden is perfect.

4. Go Kanye!

It's been kind of a rough year for Kanye West, and the return of Yeezy is so exciting.

5. Some Are Already Planning To Purchase

It's just that good.

6. Sorry Bank Account

He's not wrong.

7. Work Hard, Buy Yeezy

That's what those paychecks are for though, right?

While there are some critics on Twitter, the consensus seems to be that Yeezy Season 5 may be Kanye West's best collection yet.