Twitter Reacts To Jaclyn Hill's Palette Sneak Peak

It's been about just over a week since beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill dropped major news about her eyeshadow palette collaboration. Without giving too much information, she's already gotten her fans in a frenzy. On Thursday night, the frenzy continued when she shared a sneak peek on her Snapchat.

Whether they're speculating who the collaboration is (she's already provided information that it is NOT with Makeup Geek), or just waiting in high anticipation about what the makeup guru could possibly be cranking out for all of her fans to enjoy, they're sharing their thoughts on Twitter.

When she made the announcement, J. Hill shared that it would be a collaboration, and that it would come out in seven weeks. Wth one week down, that gives us about a month and a half before the big reveal! As to whom the collaboration is with, it looks like it's still a mystery. Can we really wait until late February or early March to find out who she's working with?!

Today, she shared the bare minimum — and I mean bare minimum — on her Snapchat: the packaging. With the clear dedication printed on the palette, fans could rest assured knowing that a palette was on its way to them.

Read through reactions from Twitter to see exactly what I mean.

Shook is one way to put it.

Could this be a reveal of what her palette will entail??

Even with a photo shoot revealing everything except the palette, fans are dying.

You and I share the same thoughts.

Jaclyn Hill left a lot of people feeling this way.

This little teaser simply was not enough.

Like, really not enough.

This palette shows just how much J. Hill loves her fans, and this fan proves how much they love her back.