This Upcoming Chicken Nugget Festival Is Your Childhood Dream Come To Life

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Sometimes the universe is nice and good and gives us all exactly what need. And you know what we really need right now? A chicken nugget festival. Yes, an entire celebration dedicated to the world’s favorite dippable.

The UK is holding not one but two nugget-centric festivals this summer, one in London (August 11) and the other in Manchester (September 22). What does a chicken nugget festival entail, you ask? Oh, just everything in your wildest chicken nuggets dreams.

Hosted by We Love Food, a self-described “community of food lovers,” the Fried Chicken Festival will feature events and food all inspired by and in honor of chicken nuggets. According to Metro, there will be live bands, DJs, and will “showcase the biggest variety of chicken nuggets.” How many ways can you nugget a chicken? A lot, apparently.

I am personally most excited about the chicken nugget eating competition — what chicken nugget festival would be complete without one? — where the winners will be crowned the Nugget King and Nugget Queen for the day. Truly the highest honor one can have bestowed upon them. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. So, our Nugget Royalty must use these titles wisely and respectfully. (May I suggest a ruling that all nuggets must come with the appropriate amount of dipping sauce? No more of this dry nugget nonsense or having to ration my ranch.)

Tickets are not yet available for the event, but you can pre-register for the Chicken Nugget Festival here. If you’re worried about not being able to make it to London or Manchester, it’s rumored that more UK dates and locations will be announced in the future.

Nuggets not your thing? No worries because the We Love Food website suggests there are 19 other food festivals planned for the future, each dedicated to their own dish.

More of a burger person? There’s a Burger Festival planned for the summer. Burritos more your thing? There’s a Burrito Festival for you as well. Pasta, pizza, cheese, and cocktails each have their own dedicated festivals as well.

Have no fear, vegan and gluten-free friends. There are also festivals planned for you as well. While the website doesn’t specify exact dates, it says all the celebrations are planned for sometime this summer.

If any of my fellow stateside friends don’t have a vacation in the books, may I suggest heading to the UK to stuff your face for three months?

For those looking to take theif love of chicken nuggets to a professional level, you might want to keep an eye out for chicken nugget-centric job openings. They exist, I swear. Recently, a UK discount retailer posted a listing for a “chicken nugget connoisseur,” looking for someone with chicken nugget related experience like, “getting the 20-share box of nuggets from McDonald’s and keeping them all for yourself.” Unfortunately, the position is already expired. (I mean, of course. In this economy? Chicken nugget jobs are gonna get snatched up real fast.)

Our communal love for chicken nuggets is so real that The Washington Post declared 2017 “the year of chicken nuggets.” Nuggets infiltrated our news feeds, our relationships, even our exercise. But really, what year isn’t the year of the nugget, you know?

Of course, everything in moderation — an all-nug diet would arguably be hard to sustain, both financially and as a human being. But by no means do you need to give up your chicken nugget ways entirely. Just maybe chicken nugget responsibly. Or save your chicken nugget indulging for, say, this upcoming festival. With the price of the ticket to get you across the ocean, you're going to need to save all the money you can.