The 'Big Brother' Showmance You've Been Waiting For Is Officially Official

Sonja Flemming/CBS

After weeks of the kind of "will they/won't they" tension that great television romances are made of, Tyler and Angela have turned their flirtship into a full-blown showmance on Big Brother. A segment during the Sept. 5 episode of Big Brother shows the two not only kiss, but make a game out of observing how the other houseguests react to them. As Tyler says in the Diary Room, "Everyone wants to know if there's a showmance, so might as well give every one what they want!" Tyler and Angela's showmance on Big Brother hasn't been typical for the show, but it makes sense that an atypically eventful season of Big Brother would be defined by an atypical relationship.

Big Brother 20 has provided a wide array of examples of what defines different types a showmance. Swaggy C and Bayleigh were quick to pair up, which made their even quicker demise all the more heartbreaking, leading Bayleigh to fight for revenge following Swaggy's eviction. Haleigh and Faysal didn't get as serious as quickly as Swaggy C and Bayleigh, but proved to be a power couple whose target was perhaps a bit larger than their ability to actually play Big Brother. While Haleigh's pairing with Faysal hindered her game, Angela and Tyler's showmance is an example of the ideal Big Brother relationship. Their slow burn allowed their romance to blossom naturally, and they both share a lot of power and influence in the house, but will they be able to take their showmance to the finish line?

Once all of their obvious enemies — Haleigh, Scottie, and Sam — are evicted, their former allies could end up turning on them to split up the powerful showmance. Of course, that assumes that Haleigh or Scottie don't win HoH next week and use their power to split up the two houseguests.

While a Big Brother showmance can help someone feel a lot more comfortable in the house, it comes at the cost of becoming an easy target by announcing to the rest of the house that your romantic pairing is more important to you than any alliance you may be involved in. Tyler, in particular, has "final two" deals with nearly everyone in the house — will his "final two" partners trust him to value their alliance over his budding relationship with Angela?

Only time will tell if Tyler and Angela will be able to keep their showmance intact through the end of the season, but Tangela shippers can take a grand sigh of relief knowing that their showmance is finally official after weeks of flirting. The fact that these two live in the same town of Hilton Head, South Carolina hints that their relationship could easily survive after the season comes to an end. While it's sweet that the two managed to find love on Big Brother, it's impossible to deny that winning half a million dollars would be a nice bonus.