Tyler C.'s Instagram Shows A Side To Him We Haven't Yet Seen On 'The Bachelorette'


Several of Hannah B.'s suitors have been trying to make "bold moves" in order to win her over and set themselves apart from the rest of the men. But sometimes subtlety can work wonders in ways that grand gestures simply can't, which is why Tyler C. could be the one to watch. He hasn't stirred the pot on the drama front, nor has he invaded Hannah's personal space (ahem, Luke P. and Cam). And while he hasn't had time to open up much on the show, Tyler C.'s Instagram shows that underneath that calm, quiet exterior beats the heart of a very sweet and sensitive guy.

Though Tyler's Instagram was set to private prior to The Bachelorette premiere, his account is now available for the whole world to see. Moat of his feed is dedicated to his modeling career: there are numerous professional looking photos, usually featuring him being shirtless in some way — or at the very least showing off his very impressive looking abs. But if you dig a little deeper underneath the surface, you'll find some other more personal photos that indicate the type of person Tyler actually is beyond his attractive physique and choreographed poses.

He's Great With Kids

Let's start with the fact that Tyler apparently partnered with ABC Food Tours and took a bunch of adorable fifth graders out for some sushi. And from the looks of it, he seemed to be having just as much fun as the kids. Could this be a hint that he'll be an amazing dad someday? Just saying!

Family Is One Of His Top Priorities

Back in January, Tyler posted a bunch of photos from a recent family wedding, which included some loving shots with various family members and also a shoutout to his nana for making sure things stayed PG on the dance floor. In other words, this group looks like they'd be a lot of fun to hang out with, and knowing how close he is to them bodes well for the type of husband he would be.

He's A Dog Lover

Yes, not only is Tyler C. good with kids and dedicated to his family, but he also serves as a triple threat by being a dog lover. He and his dog Harley are pretty adorable together and have been known to occasionally stop at Wendy's for a little fast food. Someone write a buddy cop movie for these two ASAP!

He Uses His Platform To Spread Messages Of Love & Hope

Shortly after the Las Vegas shooting in October 2017, Tyler took to Instagram to not only let everyone know he was OK (he was visiting Vegas at the time), but to send out a message of love and hope in the wake of a such a terrible tragedy. "Such a tragic event to occur and try and tear apart this country even more. But it only brings us together," he wrote in part. "Just drove by the blood donation center and it's a 6 hour wait to donate. The selflessness and bravery in the stories I've heard around the town today are truly a great representation of what our country can be. Love trumps hate every time."

There's so much viewers have yet to learn about Tyler and what he's like outside of the Bachelorette. But based on his Instagram, he seems like a genuine, caring, and all-around decent guy worthy of Hannah's love. If he shows that part of himself to her, that final rose could very well be his for the taking.