Tyler Told Angela He Loves Her On 'Big Brother 20,' But It Was So Bittersweet

Johnny Vy/CBS

Another showmance bit the dust on Thursday night's episode of Big Brother when Angela was evicted from the house. #Tangela has been a force of nature in this reality show, as both she and Tyler are competition beasts. And while it's been clear for a while now how the two feel about each other, Tyler told Angela he loved her on BB20 during his goodbye message.

As a quick update on what else happened tonight, Kaycee won the final power of veto, which meant it was up to her to choose between her two best friends in the house. And although Kaycee teared up, she ultimately picked Angela for eviction. The fitness model was incredibly gracious and told her friend ahead of time that no matter what happened, it wasn't personal. And since Tyler was up for eviction, too, he also gave a speech. He said nice things about all of the remaining houseguests before his attention turned toward the couch. "Angela, you're the most beautiful, resilient person I've ever met in my life," he told her. "And you've taken nothing but shots in this game, in real life, and you've jumped over them every single time flawlessly. And that being said, anybody would be crazy not to be absolutely, 100 percent in love with you."

However, this wasn't even the most impressive speech that Tyler made on Thursday night's episode. When Angela was sitting down with host Julie Chen, she was shown farewell videos from the remaining houseguests. While Kaycee and JC said sweet things, too, their comments paled in comparison to Tyler's. The lifeguard divulged two secrets: that he'd made a final two alliance with Kaycee and that he had the second power app.

However, he didn't stop there. "I did not expect to come into this game, meet you, get my world flipped upside down, and fall totally in love with you, but that is exactly what I did," he said. "You're the most beautiful person I've ever met in my life, and I can't wait to spend so much time with you outside of this. I love you, Angela."

It was an incredibly sweet sendoff, and Angela was obviously moved. What's more, she responded to Chen's question about Tyler and Kaycee making an alliance with grace. "They're my two best friends in this house, and I will love them forever until the day they die," she said. And while the evicted houseguest was a bit more subdued than her boyfriend (is that O.K. to say now?), it's clear that she feels the same way. Just on Wednesday night's episode, audiences saw footage of Angela and Tyler lying in bed. She leaned over to his ear and whispered, "I'm in love with you."

And while not everyone has been an Angela fan this season, many viewers were emotional about her departure. "Have to admit there was some water in my eyes watching that eviction," valleauhoc said on Reddit. "It’s so crazy how close you can feel to houseguests — especially with feeds — despite never having met them. Couldn’t imagine how it would feel to be in Kaycee’s shoes, but then again I’m not competing for $500k." What's more, Redditor natshelby wrote, "Tyler's speech and GBM was perfect. Kaycee made me emotional. Angela being raved about by her two best friends after everyone sh*t on her was beautiful. I love this trio with my whole heart."

And now that voting is open for America's Favorite Player (AFP), audiences have just a week left before they find out both the results of that poll and the winner of BB20. And while it won't be Angela, she sure had a good run. And who could expect anything less of a fitness model?