Tyrion & Sansa Have Always Been The Best Duo On Game Of Thrones'

by Genevieve Van Voorhis

After years without seeing each other, Sansa and Tyrion finally reunited in Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1. Tyrion and Sansa have never had a romantic relationship — even when they were married — but they have always had a connection built on mutual respect. Before Season 8 goes any further, it's time to take a look back on the timeline of Tyrion and Sansa's relationship — and speculate on where they'll go from here.

During the first season, Tyrion and Sansa scarcely had any interaction with one another. But during her time as a hostage in Kings Landing, Tyrion was one of Sansa's only allies. In fact, the relationship they forged there might be the beginning of a continue alliance that will help them through the next war against Cersei. Now that the Battle of Winterfell is over, it only stands to reason that Jon, Dany, and whoever else is left embarks on a mission to Kings Landing to sort out who will really sit on on the Iron Throne. And judging by their conversations in Season 8, Sansa and Tyrion have every reason to form an alliance and stick together to make sure that isn't Cersei.

Here's how Tyrion and Sansa's relationship has formed over time.

Tyrion Rescues Sansa From Joffrey — Season 2, Episode 4

After Robb defeats the Lannister forces at the Battle of Oxcross, Joffrey publicly humiliates Sansa in the throne room, having her stripped and beaten in front of the court. Tyrion intervenes, shaming his nephew and helping Sansa. He even offers to dissolve their engagement, but Sansa declines, repeating that she loves the king and wishes to be his wife. This is the first real interaction the pair have had. Sansa is touched by Tyrion's kindness to her, while Tyrion is impressed by Sansa's shrewd thinking in maintaining her facade.

Sansa & Tyrion Wed — Season 3, Episode 8

After Joffrey sets Sansa aside for Margaery Tyrell, Margaery convinces Sansa that she might be able to leave Kings Landing for good by marrying her brother Loras. Sansa is enamored with the handsome knight, not realizing that he's gay. But when Tywin learns of this, he quickly arranges for Tyrion to marry Sansa and Cersei to marry Loras Tyrell.

Much like the Red Wedding seemed happy at first but later turned into a nightmare, Tyrion and Sansa's wedding started out gloomy but turned out to be sort of alright. Joffrey did his best to humiliate them both at the wedding and the feast, but Tyrion and Sansa were always respectful of each other. Tyrion tried to shield Sansa from Joffrey's threats of rape and a public bedding ceremony. Then when the newly weds did finally retire, Tyrion promised that they wouldn't have to consummate the marriage unless she wanted to. They never did.

The Co-Conspirators — Season 4, Episode 2

Tyrion and Shae are both kind to Sansa following the Red Wedding, trying to encourage her to eat. Sansa confides in Tyrion how thoughts of the atrocities done to her family haunt her at night.

At the Purple Wedding, aka Joffrey's wedding to Margaery Tyrell, Tyrion and Sansa try and make the best of their terrible situation, seemingly finding some comfort in their shared status as outcasts. Joffrey torments his uncle with a crude play with dwarf actors, and then forcing Tyrion to be his cupbearer. Sansa helps her husband pick up the glass that Joffrey kicks beneath the table, unaware that Olenna Tyrell has added poison to it.

When Joffrey dies, Sansa escapes with the fool Dontos, leaving Tyrion behind to stand trial for the murder of the king.

The Reunion — Season 8

Tyrion and Sansa finally reunited in the first episode of Season 8. Their reunion was warm enough, although Sansa did chastise her former husband for believing in Cersei. The moment they shared during the Battle of Winterfell, with both of them poised behind a rock and ready to fight the wights to the death, seemed like it might be foreshadowing future partnership from these two — at least platonically, if not more than that.

Tyrion and Sansa have two of the savviest political minds in Westeros. Now that the war with the Night King is done, Jon and Daenerys are going to need all the clever advisors they can get in order to help them defeat Cersei. Honestly, who better to strategize on how to defeat the Mad Queen than these two? Then once she's defeated, who better to rule the Seven Kingdoms?