UAL's 'Xhibit' Showcases The Uni's Best Artistic Talent — Here Are Our Picks

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Clockwise From Top Left: Tobi Alexandra Falade; Dana Hong; Shannon Bono; Aikaterini Mimikou

Since 1997, the University of the Arts London have been showcasing the university's finest artistic talent through Xhibit. Set up by Kit Hammonds and Angela Robinson, the exhibition is open to all current students across all courses, making it a melting pot of artistic disciplines and points of view. This year marks Bustle UK's first time joining with UAL as media partner on the event, and sitting on the exhibition's selection committee offered a fascinating insight into the preoccupations of our most talented, creative minds. Amidst the doom and gloom of the news cycle, and despite the challenging nature of the subjects confronted, seeing the talent on offer felt like a much-needed burst of optimism.

To celebrate our participation, we're delighted to be honouring one exhibitor with the Bustle Vision Award. Selecting the winner with the brilliant team of editors who sit beside me in the Bustle offices provoked plenty of healthy debate, but the winning entry stood out because it made us all sit up a little straighter. At Bustle, our goal is to create content that is timely, relatable, and honest, and there are surely few among us who would look at the winning entry without having a "eugh, same" moment.

Below, we're also proud to spotlight the brilliantly broad work of female and non-binary artists exhibited in the show. "We throw at female artists this expectation that their work has to speak to the female experience," Eleanor Catton, author of the Man Booker prize winning book The Luminaries, once said. "And if it doesn’t, you’re letting the side down. Throwing this stumbling block in the way of female artists is counterintuitive." If the work exhibited proves anything, it's that the city's finest female and non-binary artists are telling their own stories, on their own terms. They are not trying to live up to anyone else's expectations. Read on to find out who won the award and to see the other fantastic entries.

Bustle Vision Award Winner: Charlotte Pannell — 'Houses of Parliament'

Age 27

Course Painting BA

What's the inspiration behind this piece? I wanted to make a statement about the British political system. While they laugh, we cry. While they have fun outdoing each other with witty retorts, we see anger all around. They're having a great time with Brexit — they’ve never got to be on the TV so much. The old boys club still reigns, they just like to think we haven’t noticed.

What does your working day look like? My day is always different and depends on what I’m working on. My practice focuses a lot on society through the mundane so often I like to walk around to see what’s happening.

Charlotte Pannell

Who's your favourite artist? I’m not sure if I have a favourite artist but I really liked the Metahaven show that was on last year at the ICA.

What are you currently reading? Vathek by William Beckford.

What's the biggest challenge for an emerging artist? I think it's stopping yourself worrying about the future.

What is your dream place to be exhibited? That's in the future so I try not to think about it (refer to the above answer :)))

Read on to see the other brilliant female and non-binary artists represented in Xhibit, which runs April 26 - May 11 at The Koppel Project Central Gallery, 49 - 50 Poland Street, London W1F 7ND.

Aikaterini Mimikou — 'While Doing What My Mom Told Me To'

Barbara Majek-Oduyoye — 'Yoruba Civilisation'

Bunmi Agusto — 'Introspection Within The Mental Landscape'

Dana Hong — 'In My Secure Place - Sunlight, Hydration, Meditation'

Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee — 'Were you a flower to tuck away?'

Emma Drye — 'Reloading the guns'

Emma Morgan — 'True translation'

Huiping Yang — 'Distorted Memories'

Karolina Gliniewicz — 'Mohery'

Lucy Neish — Untitled

Maria Bendixen — 'Venus of I.T. (Intentionally Through)'

Ninja D. Evangelista — '"Aeternum" Mourning Rosary'

Penny Hartley — 'Obstructions of Kings Cross'

Sahar Mangal — 'Altered States'

Sara Lopes — 'Seipsum lnvenire'

Shannon Bono — 'Sowei, Ndahiti'

Sophie Conroy — 'Pepper Hoover'

Tobi Alexandra Falade — 'Make It Match'

Weronika Szymanek — 'Guns Don't Kill People, Aspics Do'

Zhihui Zhang — 'Rhyme'

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