You Can Now Get Sheet Masks In Your Uber Because It's 2017

Have you ever been in an Uber, headed home after a long day or a late night, and thought, "My skin is so stressed out. I could really use a sheet mask right now?" You haven't? OK, neither have I. But Uber and Cargo are stocking K-beauty products and snacks for riders, making the rideshare service that much more convenient. It's like a hotel mini bar and more in your Uber. This feature turns your idle ride into a discovery platform. You may just find your new fave beauty product while getting from A to B.

New startup company Cargo supplies convenience items, like food, electronics, gum, and now the aforementioned beauty products. It's like the Chinese restaurant in Canada that replaces fortune cookie with sheet masks.

As of today, Monday, Aug. 14, rideshare passengers will be able to grab a full-sized Labotica Green Tea Skin Soft Mask as part of this partnership. These miracle masks balance skin and calm breakouts and inflammation.

So, how does this all work? It's a three-step checkout process and you don't need to download an app to participate.

Riders in Cargo-equipped cars can visit the Cargo site, enter the unique code on the driver's Cargo box, which is nestled in the center console, select the mask from the menu, and check out.

Courtesy of Labotica

The driver will be notified of the order and hand over your sheet mask ... once the vehicle has pulled to a complete stop, of course. Then, you get home, take off your makeup, and soothe your skin with your newly-nabbed sheet mask. It's all about the on-the-go skincare, baby.

Courtesy of Cargo

"Cargo turns an ordinary ride into a fun experience. You can discover cool new products from some of your favorite brands and new trends from emerging brands, and try them for free," said Sabina Rahaman, Cargo's director of brand partnerships and merchandising, in a press release.

Note that not all Cargo offerings are free of charge, and Cargo works directly with drivers to get the boxes in cars.

Courtesy of Cargo

"Our mission is to create a premium ride experience for everyone," Rahaman added. "It's the ultimate convenience to have everything from phone chargers and gum to beauty products at your fingertips, on-demand."

Cargo's Jeff Cripe told Bustle, "Not only do we want to rescue you with snacks when you're hungry or charge your phone when it is dying, but we want you to find and fall in love with new products every time you see Cargo. What better way to introduce beauty lovers to Labotica's sheet masks than by turning their ride into a pop up spa?"

Here's hoping you grab a Cargo-activated Uber soon.