Uber Released A List Of Weird Things People Have Left In Cars & It’s FASCINATING

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When you jump into an Uber, you probably have only one thing on your mind: getting to your destination, wherever it is. You might get distracted along the way; maybe by talking to your Uber driver, texting, or just staring out the window in a daze. You probably don't even consider the possibility that you could be leaving something very important behind. But it's definitely something that happens all the time: things fall out of handbags and pockets without someone even noticing, or you end up forgetting to grab something in your hurry to get to wherever you're going. Some of those things, however, can be sort of... random. And this is proven by Uber's newly released Lost And Found index, which details some of the weirdest things people have left in Uber cars.

Bustle got a first look at the index, and discovered some really interesting info that will definitely have us double-checking everything before we get out of our next Uber car — and you're going to feel the same way. According to the index, if you're in an Uber on a Sunday or a Saturday, you should take extra care of your possessions: These are apparently the two days when people are most likely to leave things behind. Again, that makes sense: it's the weekend, and many passengers are probably under the influence of some sort of alcohol. You're also most likely to lose something between the hours of 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., and again, that sounds exactly right: you're more likely to be exhausted in the middle of the night.

The most frequently forgotten items left in Uber cars aren't surprising either. It's pretty much exactly what you would expect: phones, wallets, keys, glasses, headphones, IDs, etc. It's actually the other stuff that has got me interested.

According to Uber's Index, people have left behind some seriously random items. Some of them are things you wouldn't expect someone to be carrying around at all, others are really valuable, and you'll be shocked that someone let them slip away. The list is actually really amusing to read through.

One of the strangest things left behind? A Star Wars Encyclopedia. How do you forget that?! It has to be huge and heavy! It's not something that you just accidentally lose sight of — yet it's happened. Someone forgot a flat-screen TV, which... I can't even begin to understand how that happened. One person left behind a butcher knife, which is actually pretty terrifying. Someone forgot a cat carrier, and I can only hope there was not an actual cat inside. And then there was the forgotten jetpack. How?! (Also, someone maybe forgot their brother, which... raises many questions.)

That doesn't even cover the most valuable items. One passenger left behind a 1.3 carat round diamond, and I honestly hope they got it back ASAP because yikes! Another person forgot their divorce papers, although maybe that was on purpose? Someone forgot their college diploma, which is kind of sad, and someone else lost a letter from their boyfriend who was in jail. Why was that even out?!

The rest of the list is just as strange, random, and outrageous. Check out the top 50 weirdest things people have left in Uber cars, and remember: this is just the top 50. That means there's more!

  1. Burger King visor
  2. Divorce papers
  3. Star Wars Encyclopedia
  4. Gold grills with diamonds
  5. Originally signed Jessie James Decker CD
  6. Letter from my boyfriend who is in jail
  7. A 1.3 carat round diamond
  8. 2 packets of Dead Sea mud
  9. Bag with a Kevin Durant Jersey + a Mario doll
  10. Rhinestone mask
  11. Detox tea
  12. Tax returns
  13. Long board with rasta colors
  14. Slice of pizza
  15. Marriage certificate
  16. Ukulele
  17. Cat carrier
  18. Box full of hair extensions
  19. Nintendo 64
  20. Bushnell Golf Rangefinder
  21. Dark green wool fedora with feathers and pin
  22. Flute
  23. Bulletproof vest
  24. Flat screen TV
  25. A black collapsible wagon
  26. Jetpack
  27. A green Birkenstock right shoe
  28. Harmonica
  29. Jamaica Slippers
  30. French bulldog statues
  31. Leaf Blower
  32. Kids scooter
  33. Laundry hamper
  34. Fly fishing rod
  35. Minnie Mouse light up ears
  36. My brother
  37. Butcher knife
  38. Tuxedo
  39. Feather headband
  40. Nuggets & large fries
  41. A single dart
  42. Emoji lunch box
  43. Orange air mattress
  44. A bride’s veil
  45. Pool cue
  46. Pink stuffed animal pig
  47. College diploma
  48. Pokemon card holder
  49. Red cape
  50. Forest Green alpaca scarf

OK, everyone, let's use this as a learning experience: please remember to be more careful when you are exiting your Uber car. You never know what you could be forgetting!