These Unicorn Makeup Brushes Change Color & It's Mesmerizing

Even though we're stuck in the dog days of summer, indie beauty brands are ushering in the fall by debuting seasonal products. Atlantic Fizz's Pumpkin Spice bath bombs are now available to turn your tub into an autumnal latte. And now, the UK's Unicorn Cosmetics just revealed Halloween makeup brushes with color-changing handles and ombre hairs.

What sort of makeup alchemy is this? If you think makeup that changes color is cool, these tools are the ultimate.

But wait — it gets better. In addition to the handle color changing when gripped in your hand, the five-piece Halloween brush set comes packaged in a coffin bag.

As someone who keeps an all-black centerpiece with a raven, skull, and dead roses on my kitchen table year-round, this news casts a beautiful shadow across my blackened heart. Unicorn Cosmetics described the brushes as "graveyard spooktastic," and the brand really went all out to celebrate it's one-year anniversary by crafting gorgeously ghouly makeup tools.

The handles have twists like unicorn horns and are an October-approved, gravestone-inspired shade. When clenched in your fist, they morph into a pinky x peachy color.

These are a creepy cool way to add a little excitement into your a.m. makeup routine.

This is how the brushes start out.

Give them a squeeze.

Voila! The handle's hue is transformed. It's like they come to life.

They are two-toned!

Watch this Insta video see the brush handle metamorphosis in real time. Who else besides me is shook?

If you are not super familiar with Unicorn Cosmetics, check out their mermaid brushes, which are due to arrive in October. Everything about Unicorn Cosmetics is delightfully extra — and I welcome the drama and artistic flair this brand offers.