UNIQLO Is Giving Away Free Heattech Clothing This Month

UNIQLO is giving away free heattech clothing on its new app.

Fall is here, but winter is coming (sorry, couldn't resist). While temperatures may not have reached arctic levels yet, you can still prep for the upcoming chill. UNIQLO is giving away free heattech clothing this month, so there's no excuse to be cold once winter comes.

On Oct. 18, UNIQLO is launching a unique customer sampling system through its app. The service will allow UNIQLO customers to test new and innovative designs from the label as they launch on the app. According to a press release from the brand, the app-based sampling service is meant to continue its commitment to creating pieces for everyone no matter where they are.

For the app's first sampling option, UNIQLO fans will be given one of the brand's iconic heattech products. To be entered to receive one of the 100,000 pieces of heattech, download the new UNIQLO app by Oct. 17. Once done, link your UNIQLO online account within the app. When you account is linked, you'll be eligible to snag one of the limited — though generous — quantity of heattech pieces.

According to the brand, several different pieces of heattech will be going out as samples including tee shirts, turtlenecks and leggings. You'll want to grab your sample quickly, though. The opportunity ends on Nov. 10 or could be suspended earlier if supplies are gone.

If you haven't tried UNIQLO's innovative heattech, well, you're chillier than those who have. The specially created fabric uses thin, wicking rayon to collect the body's moisture and convert it into heat. Microfibers inside the fabric work to trap the warmth which, in turn, helps to keep the body inside said fabric warm. While some may be wearing four layers of tee shirts and a pull-over on top of that, UNIQLO heattech customers can rely on a simple, non-bulky piece for warmth.

Plus, alongside being able to keep you warm without having to wear 18 different pieces of clothing under your jacket, UNIQLO's pricing for technology that's so innovate will blow you away. Pieces from the heattech line retail for between $14.90-$49.90.

Of the decision to quite literally give away clothing items, UNIQLO USA CEO Hiroshi Taki explains that the sample sharing is all about forming relationships with customers. Taki says in a press release, “As a brand that is made for all, we look forward to engaging with our community of customers in this new and exciting way, and showing our thanks to our loyal app members. By gifting our key products, such as HEATTECH, we hope to establish a true two-way dialogue with our customers, and serve a greater number of people with our apparel that is designed to make everyday life better.”

The heattech pieces are just the beginning of the app member sampling program. UNIQLO will introduce a new item on the app each week giving members the chance to test numerous products in different categories from the brand. Fans of UNIQLO are now integral to the testing and development process achieving just what Taki says is the goal.