The One Unique Galentine's Day Gift To Get Your Best Friend, Based On Their Sign


If you prefer Galentine's Day to Valentine's Day and look forward all year to the brilliant excuse to celebrate your female friendships, I'm sure Feb. 13 can't come soon enough! That said, if you haven't picked out a gift for each of your besties yet, you might be hoping to buy some more time. Buying gifts for the people you love the most can be extremely challenging. It's almost as if you want to get them everything and yet nothing is good enough. To make things easier, I've put together a list of best friend Galentine's Day gifts based on zodiac signs, because who knows your friends better than the stars?

When you're extremely close to someone, it's hard to be objective about what they will and won't like. Add the pressure of a holiday and getting a simply gift for someone you know well becomes impossible. Most likely, your gal pals aren't even expecting a gift, which is good, but also means that there will be a lot of attention on whatever you do get them. That said, there's no reason to stress out over Galentine's Day gifts, that's not what the holiday is about. So take a load off and stop trying to guess what the perfect gift is, just get your bestie a gift that they're cosmically engineered to appreciate.

Depending on our personality traits, we're each more likely to appreciate different kinds of gifts. Each sign has a different love language and taking that into consideration makes buying gifts way easier — it gives you a clear guide. Show your bestie you love them by getting them a gift that speaks the same language that they does. Here's a Galentine's Day gift for each bestie under each sign of the zodiac: