What To Get Your Mom For Mother’s Day, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

When it comes to Mother's Day gifts, every mom is different. For instance: A bouquet bursting with pastel flowers might be the perfect gift for a Taurus mom, but a Virgo mother might appreciate a file organizer instead. This holiday, shop for mom based on her stars: it's totally possible to find your mom a Mother's Day gift based on her zodiac sign.

Try giving per planetary alignments instead of by clichés this Mother's Day — after all, sometimes the unexpected is both welcomed and appreciated. Abiding by your mom's sun sign when it comes to brainstorming presents means you might get close to gifting her something she'll actually love.

Take note, Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 12. And, of course, you can't go wrong with sending a bouquet of tulips to mom's front door. Flowers and chocolate and cards with handwritten heartfelt messages will always be a thoughtful way to show mom you're grateful for her. But if you want to get ~particular~ about your way-above-average, unique mom's gift, look to her sun sign for hints. Be warned: your Virgo mom just might jump out of her Mother's Day brunch seat and give you 1,000 kisses when she unwraps the customized 1,000 piece puzzle you got her.


The Aries mother knows the importance of taking time for herself. She's a shining example of independence and strength — and how to make the most of a spa day. Treat the mom who always answered your calls at work to an at home spa kit so she can lock the master bath behind her and treat herself to a face mask whenever she wants.


The Taurus mom likely never missed a function of yours. Not even that third grade lunch time recorder concert nobody was required to attend. Taurus moms always show up. Taurus moms also have a taste for pretty things. Have your siblings chip in to get your mom a Rose Quartz cheese board that will be the center of appetizers the next time she throws a soiree.


Gemini mom is a ~cool~ mom. Socially minded, she was always stuffing the pantry for you and your friends for those Saturday night slumber parties. Your living room was essentially a game room, stocked with boardgames you could all gather around after dinner for laughs. Introduce a new ~cool~ game to your mom this Mother's Day. Be prepared to play it at Thanksgiving.


Because your Cancer mom has a sentimental side your house was most likely covered in picture frames featuring faces of family members. A Cancer is at home ~at home~, and a mom truly makes a house an actual nest. Give your mom one more picture frame to hang up, this time with a picture of you and her inside.


Leos enjoy center stage. If your mom is a Leo, you most likely grew up in a house full of fun. Leo moms don't use "boring" in their vocabulary and they made sure it stayed out of yours too. Give your mom a chance to shine this Mother's Day with an at home karaoke station that only requires her smartphone or tablet.


The Virgo mom is all about organization and efficiency. Your lunches were likely packed the night before — complete with your name in cursive and a heart doodled on the brown bag. Your permission slips were always signed and in on time and she was the president of the elementary school's PTA. Your mom likely doesn't need another filing cabinet, but she might enjoy a puzzle. Especially a customized one complete with a family portrait.


If you came home from school after taking a rather brutal math exam, your Libra mom probably took you out for ice cream straight off the bus. Libra mom's balance out life's harshness with sweetness to remind us that everything is going to work out. Naturally equipped with an artistic flair, if you're going to get your Libra mother flowers this Mother's Day, make sure you're also getting her a flower press so she can keep the florals forever.


We all think of Scorpios as ~intense~. Scorpios are passionate people. It's likely your mom loves you fiercely. And because of that, she probably made home as comfortable as possible so that you would always flock back. Because your mom loves hosting — you, especially — give her something you can do together. Like a cookbook you can eat your way through one Sunday dinner at a time.


Family vacations with a Sagittarius mom means you're probably still talking about that one time at the Grand Canyon and constantly trying to top last year's trip. The Sagittarius mom is always up for an adventure and ~experience~ especially with her kids by her side. Give her flowers another way — in the form of a postcard set. That way, she can have something to send you from all her solo ventures.


The Capricorn mom is constantly working hard. Between PTA meetings and board meetings, she was always on the run to get the job done. But she certainly prioritized mom as job number one. Give your Capricorn mother a break this holiday with a lavender eye mask so she can get some seriously deserved rest and relaxation.


The Aquarius in general is a humanitarian. The Aquarius mom is always looking out for her kids and rallying the family to volunteer. Chances are you spent Thanksgiving dinner at a local shelter cooking and distributing meals. It's no secret that your mom has a heart of gold and is maybe a bit of a revolutionary. Give your mom the empowerment of a kitchen garden so she can fight back against industrialized agriculture one one windowsill basil at a time.


The fish of the zodiac is in tune with all things creative. Your Pisces mom is filled to the brim with love for you and probably still has a fridge decorated with your elementary school masterpieces. This passion for creativity dips into a little bit of everything for the Pisces mom from food to writing the occasional chapter of her just-for-fun novel. Give her something that allows her to get creative but can also become a family heirloom like a custom DIY cookbook for the family.