These ‘It’ Halloween Costume Ideas Aren’t For The Fainthearted

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Around this time of year, there is a focus on what scares you the most. If your most debilitating fear is of clowns, I wish you the best this Halloween, because this is the year of the deceptively jovial clown. At this point, everybody has heard of It, and many fans are obsessively searching for unique Pennywise It Halloween costume ideas to scare their friends with this year. If you're still searching, don't worry: I already did a little window shopping for you. Trust me (that is, if you don't have trust issues after watching the movie), putting these costumes together is nothing to fear.

What makes Pennywise a terrifying and gripping clown is its painted-on, happy, "approachable" face. I'll confess my own fear that just the portraits of the clown have made me now feel uneasy around red lipstick and liquid eyeliner. The good news here, however, is that those two seemingly innocent staples in a daily make-up routine can now be used to morph your face into a not-so-nice clown.

If you're choosing to haunt your friend's Halloween party as the clown who lurks in sewers, there are a few ways you can go about ~floating~ into the party. Pennywise might feast on fear but we hope you only feast on a Halloween costume contest victory and mini candy bars.

The Red Balloon

Red Frill Shoulder Belted Culotte Jumpsuit, $40, River Island | Pinsanity Red Balloon "We All Float Down Here" Enamel Pin, $10, Amazon | Jungle Red Semi Matte Lipstick, $28, NARS Cosmetics

When you see the red balloon, that can't mean there's something good rounding the corner. The floating blood-red balloon is the surest way to creep your friends out this Halloween. Why not dress up as it from head to toe?! Pick out your favorite jumpsuit, slap on some red lipstick and of course tie a red balloon to your hand. Bonus points if you bring a floats worth to hand out to friends.

"1990" Pennywise

Purple Hammered Satin Tie Front Blazer, $33, Pretty Little Thing | The Belt Jumpsuit, $85, Navabi | Knit Ruffle Scarf, $24, Witchery | Stilla Stay All Day Liner, $19, Revolve | Baloray 12-pack of Novelty Red Foam Clown Noses Party Supplies, $8, Amazon

Pennywise may have gotten a modern upgrade in 2017, but the original 1990 mini series based on the novel by Stephen King featured a much more classic appearing clown complete with a spectrum of circus-like colors. In place of Pennywise's ruffled collar, wrap a ruffled scarf around your neck and glue on foam clown noses to your jump suit! Pull it together with a touch of color and texture with a satin jacket.

The "Kinda Cute" Pennywise

Yellow Tie Neck Cape Dress, $34, River Island | Ruffle Collar Fleece Top, $25, Zaful | Dress Up America 12 Color Face Paint Safe & Non-Toxic Face and Body Crayons, $9, Amazon | Cait Red Diamond Fishnet Tights, $4, Pretty Little Thing | Alicia Karmae Wigs, $34, Amazon

Playing off of the original Pennywise, pair a yellow dress with red stockings and don't forget a frilly high neck shirt to put under your dress. Top your costume off with a red wig and complete it with non-toxic face paint to achieve those clown makeup #goals. When everything's put together you might not actually look as terrifying as you'd expect and actually ... kinda cute.

Simple Pennywise

U-Stand Collar Long Sleeve Shirt Dress, $50, UNIQLO | Le Marc Lip Creme - Oh Miley 200, $33, Net-A-Porter | Red Harajuku Heat Resistant Long Straight Anime Cosplay Wig, $25, With Chic | Mehron Makeup - Clown White Face Paint, $13, Amazon

If you're looking to keep it simple this Halloween as Pennywise, you definitely can avoid elaborate costumes that require planning and spending half of your paycheck. Take a natural toned shirt dress and focus mostly on the clown make-up, though you don't have to go all out! White face powder and red lipstick will get the creepy point across just fine.

Ghostly Pennywise

Ruffled Cap Sleeves Flare A-Line Dress, $19, Rose Gal | Hue Opaque Tights - White, $15, Macy's | Olivia Miller 'Mineola' Velvet Ankle Booties, $30, Groupon

The overall color vibe of Pennywise is black, white and red. Take a seemingly nice white and black dress you'd wear to a Victorian picnic and spike it with red boots. Add a clown nose to the outfit for the fear-of-clowns element and you're ready to collect those mini-Milky Ways.

Ruffled Pennywise

Ruffle Collar Blouse, $80, Cloudo | Missguided Ponte Ruffle Flare, $24, Zalando | ASOS Bright Red Rib Beanie With Faux Fur Pom, $19, ASOS | Body Art Painting Cream Facial Drawing Cosmetic Cosplay Halloween Paints 7 Colors, $6, Newchic | Pom Me Away Earrings, $13, Shoe Dazzle

In the 2017 film adaptation of It, Pennywise was having a serious ruffles moment. Between the pants, shirts and collars, it's like the costume designers were picking through our "Style" Pinterest boards. Thankfully, ruffles are trending and now it's easier than ever to dress as the unintentionally fashionable clown. Of course, apply face paint and if you don't have a red clown nose, use red pom-pom earrings!

Not-So-Nice Pennywise

Marla White Lace High Neck Frill Crop Top, $30, Pretty Little Thing | O-NEWE Casual Women Loose Solid Strap Pocket Overall Jumpsuits, $23, New Chic | Converse All Star Lace Up Sneakers, $55, Lord and Taylor | Red Middle Part Long Wavy Lolita Anime Harajuku Style Cosplay Wig, $31, With Chic | Fake Blood Gel Tube Horror Fancy Dress Costume Halloween Party Joke Red Toy, $3, Amazon

The make-up might be terrifying enough as it is upon a first glance at Pennywise, but what really makes you hide behind your popcorn bucket is his thirst to sniff out his next dinner course in a friendly small town's sewer system. And he's not looking for a chicken roast. Slip into your high collar shirt, white overalls, red Converse lace ups, a red wig and dab fake Halloween blood on your get up.

All About The Make-Up

Raakel Victorian High Neck Collar Top with Lace, $46, Corset Deal | Beauty Is Life Shiny Eye Shadow, $27, Barney's New York | Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick, $21, Macy's | Mac Liquid Eye Liner, $21, Belk | Face and Body Paint Cream - White, 18g Cake Tub - Pretend Costume and Dress Up Makeup by Splashes & Spills, $10, Amazon

If you have a whole make-up kit, here's the costume to put that to use. Because the facepaint of Pennywise is so elaborate and ~artful~ in the 2017 film, focus on that as your costume! White face paint, blue eyeshadow, red lipstick and liquid eye-liner will surely get the point across.

Sewer Pennywise

High Neck Velvet Dress, $33, Monki | Microfiber Rhumba Tight, $8, belk | Stilla Stay All Day Liner, $19, Revolve | Moroccan Argan Oil Styling Gel, $6, Sally Beauty

If you're hanging in a sewer most of the day, you're going to be a little wet. Dress as you would, a ruffled clown complete with an intricate make-up application and then keep your hair appearing wet and in your face with nearly excessive amounts of hair gel.

Haunting Pennywise

Leajoy Women's Packable Lightweight Outdoor Hoodie Running Jacket Windproof Skin Coat, $20, Amazon | Fake Blood by Tobar, $32, Popmap | Sharona Bootie, $40, JustFab

Hold on to your red balloon and wear the classic yellow rain coat to give off the essence of a clown haunting and taunting a nice little neighborhood. The red boots and fake costume blood will get it away that you're the mad clown hunting fear!

Hungry Pennywise

Gremlin Creature Teeth, $50, Mostly Dead | You'll Float Too Sleep Tee, $23, Groupon | Pom Pom Beehive Dangles, $24, Humble Chic | Red Rib Knit Pom Pom Beanie Hat, $20, River Island | Be Legendary Cream Lipstick - Black Cherry, $15, GILT

You might look pretty unassuming in a tee and red beanie, but just flash your friends your pearly fangs and they'll get the idea.

Just-The-Face Pennywise

Pennywise T-shirt, $20, Teepublic | Avah Ruffle Wide Leg Trousers, $13, BooHoo | Red Harajuku Heat Resistant Long Straight Anime Cosplay Wig, $25, WithChic

Not into make-up? Don't worry about it. You can still achieve the Pennywise look without the elaborate face art. Slip into those flare pants, put your wig on and keep it in your face, while letting that creepy clown grin on your t-shirt get the message across.

Float Down Here Pennywise

White Petticoat, $25, Lindy Bop | Hue Deep Red Opaque Tights, $15, Macy's | Long Sleeve Ruffle Skinny One Shoulder Bodysuit, $14, Rose Gal | Sterling Silver Colorful Bunch of Balloons Earrings, $31, Etsy

It's all about balloons. Combine the 1990 and 2017 Pennywise together in white and red ruffled outfit that's complete with the taunting multi-color balloons from the original mini-series.

If you fear clowns, I highly suggest conquering your fears before the 31st. Happy Halloween!