This Retro 'Harry Potter'-Inspired Collection Will Have You Saying "Accio"

Unique Vintage/Instagram

According to the Harry Potter series, students return back to Hogwarts each year on Sept. 1. It just so happens that Unique Vintage's Harry Potter-inspired collection has debuted just in time for muggles' back to school, too. But don't worry if you're not enrolled anywhere. This collection is for everyone who's ever taken a Sorting Hat quiz or placed themselves into one of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry's four great houses.

The new Unique Vintage collection take inspiration from Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw in its newest duds. The House Rules Collection features carefully colored-coded pieces meant to correspond to the well-known houses at Harry Potter's school. While there are no robes coming from the retailer at the moment, there are some ultra-cute school uniform inspired options.

The collection includes four different varsity letterman sweaters each with a letter and color corresponding to a different Hogwarts House. Alongside the cardigans, you can also snag fun, house-colored plaid midi skirts with the ideal amount of '50s-era swing to them. With Unique Vintage's inclusive sizing (which ranges from XS-5X and 2-26), this retro collection can be worn by a multitude of the series' fans.

Unique Vintage/Instagram

This isn't the first time that Unique Vintage has incorporated pop culture into its offerings. The brand has become known for some of its more well, unique, collections. Most recently, the brand teamed up with Universal Studios to morph its famous monsters into retro attire. The collection included everyone from the creature from the Black Lagoon to the bride of Frankenstein to the Wolf Man. Unsurprisingly, this mix of old school film and retro style sold out.

Courtesy of Unique Vintage

The brand has also worked with Mattel create a Barbie fashion collection. Yes, Unique Vintage can do it all — from monsters to Barbie. The Barbie collection launched back in March for the doll's 60th anniversary and featured everything from an evening gown to a retro '60s shift dress.

If Harry Potter is more your speed than monsters or Barbie, the new House Rules Collection may just need to be your next shopping destination. Thankfully, the brand and retailer has put together not just new pieces but also a smorgasbord of other great options to celebrate your Hogwarts House.

1. Letterman Cardigans

Perhaps one of the most obvious homages to Harry Potter are these letterman cardigans. The brand offers four different iterations: the green and silver above for Slytherin, a crimson and gold with the letter G for Gryffindor, a Ravenclaw R in silver and blue, and black and gold with an H for Hufflepuff.

2. Plaid Midi Skirts

What's a letterman cardigan without a '50s style plaid circle skirt to match? If you want to go full retro Hogwarts students, this midi-length skirt is the way to do it. Plus, just like the cardigans, this piece comes in four different colors all corresponding to a Hogwarts house.

3. Vintage House Dresses

With its House Rules Collection, Unique Vintage went a step further and added curated pieces perfect for off-duty witches. This '50s-inspired frock paired with black heels and gloves may not actually have Ravenclaw written all over it, but for fans of the movie series and books, it's a look they know even Rowena Ravenclaw herself would wear.

4. Retro Shoes

Don't fret, shoe lovers. There is something for you, too. This pair of heeled faux leather Mary Janes with a sweet bow are about as retro as shoes come, and if you like the style, you've got options. From Slytherin green to Gryffindor red, style up your Hogwarts robes with a witchy heel.

5. House-Themed Accessories

You're going to need something to carry around all those spell books and your copy of Hogwarts, A History. Thankfully, Unique Vintage has you covered. This yellow and black bag may not just be for Hufflepuffs, but there's little doubt that any member of the house would love it.

Unique Vintage's Harry Potter-inspired House Rules Collection is available now on the brands website, so get your house pride on, witches.