Updates On 'RHOBH' Star Camille Grammar's Malibu Home Show She's Moving On

Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo

Camille Grammer Meyer has flitted in and out of the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills universe over the years — she started as a regular cast member on the original season before moving into roles as "friend of" and "featured." Now, Camille is a sort of catalyst for drama, which is just fine with most viewers — someone has to push these plots on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills past all that boring dog drama! It's especially nice to see Camille moving on after losing her house in the Woolsey Malibu wildfires in 2018. Luckily, updates on Camille's house fire saga on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills show that recovery may be slow, but things are looking up for the Housewife.

In December 2018, Camille's family home in Malibu was overtaken by the ravaging wildfires in Southern California — these fires were hard to control, and they also destroyed houses owned by Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus, and more. According to Bravo, Camille's house was damaged by the fires, but the structure was still standing when the blazes were finally put out. This was lucky for Camille and her children, as they were able to recover some mementos and photos, per Bravo, from the wreckage of the site.

Bravo reported that Camille was living in a trailer after the fires and making the best of her new living situation. In an Instagram post, Camille said she was "blessed" to still have a roof over her head in some capacity, even if the intense winds that stirred the Woosley flames were still going. It seems like Camille really held it together for herself and her family even after suffering through the tragedy of losing nearly everything.

Luckily for Camille and her family, they already have a new house! Bravo's Home & Design vertical interviewed the Housewife as she gave them a tour. "I purchased this home over two years [ago] as an investment property," Camille said. "I always dreamed of having a house on the beach. Since my home was lost in fires me and my family will move in soon. It will be my home. We are very excited. It was built in the fifties, [and] it was renovated in the 80’s. And I’m renovating it now."

The house is obviously still under construction, but it's so lovely that Camille is excited to move into her new place — and you really can't get better than her beachfront view. "Voila, look at this, you can’t beat the beach and this spring, when the sea life comes out, we’ll see the sea lions on the beach, the seals, the dolphins, the whales, it’s spectacular,” she told Bravo. “This is why I chose to purchase a house on the beach.”

A house like that on the beach is a dream, isn't it? She recently posted a photo hiking in the Malibu wildflowers, and it's wonderful that Camille is back to living a somewhat normal life after all that stress. Recovery can take some time, but things are definitely getting better for Camille and her family.