Why Courtney & Lily Are The Best 'Bachelor Winter Games' Couple

ABC/Paul Hebert

One of the cutest Bachelor Winter Games couples is also one of its most lowkey. Lily and Courtney never got a date card, but they did get each other. The "World Tells All" updates on Courtney and Lily's relationship after Bachelor Winter Games prove that not only are they stronger than ever in their romance, but refreshingly natural and quirky.

"We got an RV and we drove from New York right across the country to LA," said Courtney in the "World Tells All." They even ran into Dean and Lesley. Lily, always a bit self-deprecating, said that she never expected to find someone like him without a catch. They're living in LA now, and all is well!

That the two are still together at all should come as no surprise to avid fans. Lily had already alluded to hitting it off with someone and trying to make a long term relationship work in the Winter Games aftermath. "I can confirm there is someone still in the equation," she told Entertainment Tonight in a Feb. 2018 interview. Luckily, as Courtney lived in Sydney, Australia and Lily resided in Auckland, New Zealand, the distance was not as long as it could have been. (Now it's even shorter since they moved to LA together.) As Lily said:

People go into [shows like The Bachelor] thinking, 'I’m going to find love,' but I’ve always been realistic. I’m fussy, independent and don’t feel I need to be with someone, so to go in and actually find someone is like, 'Wow.' We get along so well and we’re so similar. Meeting someone like that makes you put everything into perspective about how you should feel about someone and how it should be from the start. I’m not gooey-centered at all, so for me to be saying all this … I’m gobsmacked. I’m constantly surprised by what this weird love cult TV show can do for me!

Not gooey?! Has Lily seen herself? Seriously, it's a shame that more time was not devoted to this pair.

According to their social media accounts, the cast has been coupling and hanging out all over California, checking out the beach and Disneyland. There has also been lots on social media from the cast (and the couple in question) advocating their natural relationship as it occasionally unfolds on television.

Even Michael, who voluntarily left the show after barely making a scratch, appearance-wise, had some insight to share.

They're the best. Truly. In the finale, Lily expressed some realistic minor doubts for the future. Not about her feelings, but wondering that it might be too good to be true. She fell for Courtney fast, and with a lot more cameras and fewer private moments than in most relationships.

That moment in the finale, followed by some adorable hot tub and snow angel action, was one of the first times that Winter Games focused on the couple. They just got stronger and stronger from there. During their one-on-one date, they talked it out. Courtney told Lily that he was in love with her, and she reciprocated those feelings. They knew where they stood. Their pairs skate was practically in slow motion, but the kangaroo hops really sold it.

Even the fact that Lily did not want to go to the Fantasy Suite was devoid of conflict. Courtney was cheerfully throwing snowballs at her window the next morning. It seemed like Lily has more trepidations about being in the public eye with regards to the concept of a Fantasy Suite. Courtney brought up that she chose not to go to the Fantasy Suite on The Bachelor New Zealand either, at which point Lily quickly said that she didn't even come close to feeling about that Bachelor the way she felt about Courtney.

Maybe Winter Games knew as soon as Michael did that Courtney and Lily were unflappable. Their lack of drama was rather refreshing, even though it mostly played out in the background. They didn't really need date cards at the end of the day — they have each other.