Lily Confirmed She Found Love On 'Bachelor Winter Games'

Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC

With only four episodes of The Bachelor Winter Games, the contestants have to work fast to establish relationships. One of the first couples to emerge in the premiere episode were Courtney of Australia and Lily of New Zealand. There are three more episodes to go, so are Lily and Courtney still dating after Winter Games? Well, considering the speedy pace of the show, a lot can change from one episode to the next. And it seems like another contestant will join The Bachelor Winter Games that may stop this love story in its snow tracks.

While Courtney was very open about his interest in Lily during the premiere episode of The Bachelor Winter Games, the show didn't give viewers much of Lily's perspective. That's a shame since The Bachelor New Zealand runner-up has got a lot of personality. Yet, she thankfully talked about her time on Winter Games to Entertainment Tonight. Lily said:

"It was overwhelming at that opening ceremony because you're shaking so many hands, but once we got back to the house and everyone started having a drink and relaxing, I gravitated towards someone in particular. I'm still trying to figure out how it happened because I had so many conversations, but that one was definitely my favorite. For me, it was all about one person and very much one focus — I can't be into eight guys at once!"

While you might immediately think that she's talking about Courtney — not so fast. Sure, Courtney and Lily are both from Australia (that's where Lily was born, according to her Bachelor bio) and they shared a kiss in the first episode. Plus, Ashley I. made a comment on Facebook Live when Courtney looked back at Lily as he talked about his Valentine's Day plans. But there are other details that have made their relationship status a bit confusing. Like the fact that Lily ranked their kiss a three out of 10 in a tweet — although, knowing her sense of humor, she's most likely "taking the piss out of" Courtney.

And Courtney joked that he was going to vote out Lily to keep Ben Higgins around.

So is all this teasing the playful flirting of a couple still together? Or two friends having fun?

Well, another person from Oceania may mess with whatever is happening between Courtney and Lily. Although he wasn't in the first episode, Jordan Mauger of The Bachelor New Zealand will be headed to Winter Games. And there have been signs that Lily might be currently dating him. The New Zealand publication Woman's Day reported that it looked like Jordan and Lily were on a date in Auckland in January. "There was no kissing, but they definitely looked pretty familiar with each other," a bystander told Woman's Day. "They were fooling around, trying on hats, then they ended up at a bar. It looked like they were having a blast."

The two Kiwis have also posted about each other on their Instagram accounts. Lily posted a photo of Jordan in a dress and wrote that the pair was having a garage sale on Jan 13. She also called Jordan "New Zealand’s most washed up bachelor."

The next day, Jordan joked that Lily should be the next Bachelorette as the caption of a silly photo of her.

But just like with Courtney, it's hard to tell if this is flirting between a couple or if these two are strictly mates. However, no matter who Lily is with, she is dating someone she met on Winter Games. "I can confirm there is someone still in the equation!" Lily told ET. And even though she is a veteran of The Bachelor process, she noted how surprised she is that she found someone. Lily said:

"People go into these things thinking, 'I'm going to find love,' but I've always been realistic. I'm fussy, independent and don't feel I need to be with someone, so to go in and actually find someone is like, 'Wow.' We get along so well and we're so similar. Meeting someone like that makes you put everything into perspective about how you should feel about someone and how it should be from the start. I'm not gooey-centered at all, so for me to be saying all this … I'm gobsmacked. I'm constantly surprised by what this weird love cult TV show can do for me!"

ET also asked Lily directly about her hangouts with Jordan. To that she said, "I think so highly of the man and we live in the same country, so we're going to hang out. I can't confirm or deny anything, but either way I think highly of him."

So it's unclear if Lily is with Courtney or Jordan. But since she has confirmed that she's happily dating someone, the mystery most likely comes down to — is her Winter Games boyfriend from Australia or New Zealand?