'Little Women: LA' Star Terra Is Still Recovering

Richard Knapp/Lifetime

In the season premiere of Little Women: LA, star and producer Terra Jolé is shown struggling with injuries and a worrying breast issue, and more recent updates on Terra's health show that she's still endeavoring to recuperate. It wouldn't surprise me if you didn't even notice that Terra was struggling, because she hasn't slowed down and is as successful as ever. In addition to filming Little Women: LA, Terra spent 2016 competing on Dancing with the Stars, and filming her Little Women spinoff, Terra's Little Family. Additionally, she promoted all three series, gave interviews, filmed videos, released an album, and raised her two young children, Penny and Grayson, with her husband/costar, Joe Gnoffo.

So within that busy, busy year, it's clear that the Little Women star didn't have much time to spend on rest and relaxation. And, as she's been sharing, she's still struggling to get back on track. In her very first Little Women: LA recap for People, Terra said that her current health is still a struggle. "Sadly, I’m still going through health issues that may change my path in life," Terra wrote. "Hearing how concerned everyone [in the Little Women cast] is melts my heart and yet gives me that overwhelming feeling of anxiety all over again."

Terra doesn't explain whether the potentially life-altering health complications she's currently going through are directly related to the hernias she experienced during Dancing with the Stars. But in mid-January, Terra wrote in an Instagram post that she was finally was feeling strong enough after hernia surgery to lift her infant son again. "Lifting my favorite babies time again after a long hernia surgery recovery. Feels great!" she captioned the pic. So it seems she's finally on the mend.

And as she told Wetpaint in February, Terra doesn't regret going on DWTS at all. "I’m glad that I did it then because I feel like, if I waited, I might’ve been in a different place in my life," she said, and added that she knew before she started the show, "my body was going to be pushed to the max."

But it might not be her hernias that are the problem now. In a recent podcast interview with Dr. Drew, Terra discussed her form of dwarfism, achondroplasia, and how it can lead to all manner of health issues.

Hopefully, Terra isn't dealing with any health problems that are too serious. As Elena declared in the premiere, Terra works hard (and has every right to), but her friends are concerned for her health. Hopefully, Terra was able to find some time to recover and get whatever treatment she needs, and the rest of Little Women: LA Season 6 will show her in a healthier, happy place.