Urban Outfitters Is Having A MASSIVE Home Sale Right Now & Furniture Is Up To 40% Off

It's officially spring, which means it's officially spring cleaning time. And I don't know about you, but whenever I spring clean, I inevitably end up wanting to give some new life to the decor I've been trapped inside with all winter. Luckily for me — and for you — Urban Outfitters' home sale currently marks down a seriously awesome selection of furniture and decor by a casual 40 percent. So prepare yourself, because you're going to want everything.

While the decor items I have admittedly gushed about below are good for a home of any size, they're particularly great if you have a living space that's on the smaller side. We may all dream of ultratrendy adorable tiny houses, but the reality of living in a cramped space like a dorm room or even a small house, especially if you've got a few roommates, is that decorating sometimes has to step aside in order for you to fit, well, yourself in your house.

That's why these picks from Urban Outfitters' sale don't just look awesome, they're ideal for maximizing the coolness and sheer breathing room of living spaces of any size. We shouldn't have to sacrifice beauty for functionality — and with these picks, you won't have to.

Rohini Daybed Cushion
Urban Outfitters

Rohini Daybed Cushion, $119, Urban Outfitters

No matter how small your living space is, your bed probably isn't the first thing you're going to consider getting rid of — but with a comfy daybed cushion that doubles to a seat like this one, you actually could ditch your full-sized mattress (and box spring and bed frame, if you've got 'em) for a cushion that folds up out of your way when you're not using it.

Over-The Door Tiered Storage Rack
Urban Outfitters

Over-The Door Tiered Storage Rack, $59, Urban Outfitters

I was introduced to the beauty of over-the-door storage racks when I moved into my first dorm room, and to be honest, I've never gotten over them. Whether you use the rack for shoes, clothes, beauty products, or more unconventional items like extra gaming console accessories, it's an excellent way to declutter your space.

Maryam Macrame Fringe Banner
Urban Outfitters

Maryam Macrame Fringe Banner, $79, Urban Outfitters

When you're in a small space, you're going to end up putting a lot of your decor on the walls, and if you're, say, renting an apartment or one room, you often aren't able to add color to your space by painting those walls. This macrame banner's textured look makes it pop off the wall, giving your space a serious dose of color.

3D Quilted Rug
Urban Outfitters

3D Quilted Rug, $25, Urban Outfitters

This rug is pretty tiny, but like the macrame banner, it pops off the floor with an eye-catching texture that adds depth to your space. And let's be real, if you have a cat, they will thank you (maybe) for their new favorite bed.

Leaning Clothing Rack
Urban Outfitters

Leaning Clothing Rack, $49, Urban Outfitters

There's nothing quite like living in a space with no closet — or like living in a space where your closet is, out of necessity, entirely taken up by storage. This rack is a perfect solution to lack of clothing space, and it's got storage underneath for shoes and other essentials.

Crescent Moon Neon Sign
Urban Outfitters

Crescent Moon Neon Sign, $59, Urban Outfitters

I'm not gonna lie — this piece is here purely because it's my #aesthetic. But it's also a good solution for lighting problems; I remember un-fondly the days when I couldn't stand to have my burn-your-eyes-out dorm room lights on, but my desk lamp wasn't enough. This bad boy over your bed: Perfect balance.

12-Piece Acrylic Color Pop Flatware Set
Urban Outfitters

12-Piece Acrylic Color Pop Flatware Set, $16, Urban Outfitters

I know, I know, flatware isn't very glamorous compared to other items on this list. But this set is cute, flatware is a household necessity, and no matter how small your space is, you somehow manage to lose a fork or three from every set you buy.

Circle Wall Grid
Urban Outfitters

Circle Wall Grid, $30, Urban Outfitters

Finding places to put up personal photos can be tough, especially in a rental. With a wall grid like this, you've got room for photos, notes, keepsakes... and best of all, it'll all be up on the wall, there for you to look at but also out of your way.

Adelphi 6" Planter
Urban Outfitters

Adelphi 6" Planter, $12, Urban Outfitters

I am firmly of the belief that all people should have a plant, especially if you're living in a small space. And this tiny six-inch planter gives you the room to put a plant on virtually any surface. Night table, kitchen counter, bathroom — this guy will fit anywhere and give you room for a little green in your life.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks Rainbow Hammock Chair
Urban Outfitters

Yellow Leaf Hammocks Rainbow Hammock Chair, $100, Urban Outfitters

This hammock totally isn't plausible for all living spaces (please do not accidentally pull the ceiling of your apartment down), but it is bangin', and if you have a ceiling strong enough to hold you, is an excellent trade-in for a sofa or gaming chair.

Crosley UO Exclusive Lavender Ice Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player
Urban Outfitters

Crosley UO Exclusive Lavender Ice Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player, $79, Urban Outfitters

And finally, when you're decorating, remember that not everything has to be super functional. Though, of course, this record player does work, it's not on the same level of practical as some other items on this list — and that's the whole point. If this is up your alley, treat yo'self. Having something you love in your space is worth it, even if it may take up your desktop.

Making the most of small spaces isn't always easy, but this spring, take a chance and look for some functional (and occasionally not so functional) pieces to brighten up your space and give you room to breathe.