You Can Get Your Dog A Light-Up Leash For Extra Safety At Night

Urban Outfitters

Dogs are precious creatures who must be protected at all costs. If you've ever had the pleasure of petting a pup, you understand this. One company took it upon themselves to nobly create a product that assists in the nightly protection of doggos on their after dinner walks. Urban Outfitters is selling light up dog leashes from Illumiseen for extra safety at night and I just want to say, thank you for your work.

Being a dog's hooman comes with responsibility. Aside from the joys of playtime and snack time, there is also walking time. And sometimes, because we have to go to a place called "work" for a majority of the day, that means some walks happen at night. But an evening stroll around the neighborhood has dangerous factors. Street lights might not be enough to illuminate you and your doggo to oncoming vehicles. It can be especially hard to see a dog if they're not accessorizing with the latest reflective collar.

But now the entire neighborhood and their cars can know when Fido is on a walk. The geniuses at Illumiseen have added LED lights to dog leashes and collars for maximum protection. And Urban Outfitters is selling them online, so you can pick one up on your next summer crop top run. The Illumiseen LED Dog Leash comes in green, orange, and pink color options and will make your dog look incredibly intergalactic. The leash retails for $25 and is available online and in store. Check ahead with your local store to see if they're in stock!

The leash has levels to protecting your dog. Beyond the LED light feature that makes it look like you and your dog are wandering back from a rave, the leash has reflective strips. You can't not spot the floating neon leash attached to Spot. If the LED light power is low, you can recharge via USB. "I have used it for a week and haven't had to charge it up yet," a testimonial from Illumiseen's site claims. Other testimonials say the leash makes them feel "comfortable" and "safer." No matter how old we are, or what species we are, we can always use a little night light.

To complete this bright ~lewk~, Urban Outfitters is also selling the Illumiseen LED Dog Collar Necklace. Hey, your dog should be just — if not more — stylish than you when it comes to accessorizing. The Dog Collar Necklace comes in white, pink, and green. It retails for $16 and is adjustable per your dog's size!

With leashes and collars that light up, your nightly walks will be more like parades. Besides being enviably fashionable, and the talk of your neighborhood, the show of LED lights will enhance you and your dog's safety. And that's really all that matters.

Before your next dimly lit night walk, head to Urban Outfitters for a dog leash upgrade. With these light up leashes and collars, your dog will be as on trend as you are. The future is now and your dog is safe.