Watch This Video Of Utah Lawmakers Rapping & Try Not To Cringe Yourself To Death

If you're a state legislator hoping to educate the public about how a bill becomes a law, here's an idea of what to avoid. Namely, do not emulate the Utah House of Representatives' Fresh Prince parody video, because from the very instant it hit the internet, it's been the subject of relentless mockery.

You don't need to be a fan of the hit 1990s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to get the joke here ― you only need to have heard its iconic intro theme. Or even if you haven't, maybe you nonetheless have a love of parody videos, however well-intentioned, gone wrong.

In the one minute and 16 second video, which the official Utah House of Representatives Twitter account posted on Wednesday, a number of state legislators attempt to... Well, rap might be putting it a little generously, but you can hear it for yourself in the video embedded below. If nothing else, the participants definitely gave it their all.

The video shows a collection of state officials singing the words to their song ― all about moving bills through the state legislature to become laws ― with the Fresh Prince instrumentals playing in the background.

In case you're curious, but for some reason can't actually watch the video right now, the full lyrics to the song are as follows:

Now, this is a story all about how

Our bills get flipped into a law

I'd like to take a minute just sit right there

I'll tell you how a bill becomes a law in this our chamber

In a legislator's mind an idea is raised

In the lawbook is where they spend most of their days

Draftin' out maxin' out hardly relaxin' all cool

And all introducing bills inside of House chambers

Where more than a couple of guys start reviewing the bill

Started making changes in committee on the hill

They may get in one little fight but it's just cuz they care

They say we're moving this bill back to the floor and we'll argue it there

Speaker Hughes whistles for a vote and the answer is clear

And the bill passes and heads over to the Senate to hear

If it passes the Senate than the bill was probably fair

You thought it was law but it's just not quite there

It goes up to the governor to determine its fate

And if it's good Herbert might even be signing it later

Look at that bill, it's finally there

Sittin' as law, ready to be declared

Needless to say, the lyrics don't exactly lend themselves to a rhythmic flow, and career lawmakers, politicians, and officials are not necessarily smooth on the mic. Oh, and of course, the title of the song: "Fresh Prince Of Bills Here."

Parker Molloy of Upworthy decided to sync up the Utah House's audio with the actual Fresh Prince intro, but that didn't exactly make things better.

In short, it seems as if the Utah House of Representatives' attempt to charm the world of social media with a fun, catchy parody video didn't go over quite as well as it might have.

Obviously, you wouldn't typically expect state legislators to be polished or competent rappers, but they did nonetheless take a stab at it. Notably missing, although his name was mentioned, was Governor Gary Herbert. The only thing that could've made the video better might have been a gubernatorial cameo, but if he was even asked, he clearly thought better of it. Suffice to say this might be the last time Utah's elected representatives attempt a rap parody for a while.