V-Day Trip Ideas That Will Make You Swoon

by Kaitlyn Wylde

If you want to do something that feels special and authentic this February 14, why not try a new Valentine's day trip idea to make the day feel more personal? It's easy to feel like your Valentine's Day plans are cliche and you're just kind of doing this big, communal, greeting card thing that everyone else is doing. But Valentine's Day doesn't have to feel like that — there are plenty of ways to make it feel all your own. You just have to fine tune it to your relationship so it feels right.

That said, one of the best ways to celebrate the day of love is to get out of town. Forget about over-paying for a restaurant dinner that has limited options and slow service due to the flux of hungry lovers. Change things up by taking a little trip that gets you out of your comfort zone and feeling removed and alone in the best possible way. It's always good for your relationship to give it some quality focus, and going on a trip is a great way to do so.

If you're looking for a little bit of inspiration, these are some unique trip ideas that are definitely not cliche:

Sam's Point Preserve, NY

Go for a brisk winter hike and check out the ice caves at Sam's Point Preserve for a totally non-traditional Valentine's Day adventure. Then head up to Scribner's Catskill Lodge for dinner and some cozy drinks by the wood stove at their drool-worthy restaurant Prospect, and then call it a night and sleep late.

Austin, TX

Hotel San Jose

Literally eat your way through Austin, Texas. This city has a massive concentration of outrageously tasty dining. From the street BBQ to the futuristic fine dining, you will not run out of things to eat. And if you get too full, you can go on a hike or hang by the Barton Springs Pool until you're ready to eat again. Stay at Hotel San Jose for some laid-back bungalow vibes and peace and quiet.

Tenerife, Spain

For people who live in Europe, the Canary Islands are as common a vacation spot as the Caribbean is to us here in the states — but they're much, much more beautiful. Head to the new Hard Rock Hotel where you can get musically infused couples massages and enjoy being some of the first people to stay in the pristine rock palace by the sea. Guaranteed, you won't bump into anyone from the office.

House Swap With A Friend

Have a friend who lives somewhere far away? Suggest a house-swap. It's a great way to avoid hotel fees, and even better, you'll have a remote tour guide to give you suggestions on where to go, what to do and how to work the thermostat.

Miami, FL

This time of year you can find great flight deals to Florida. Head down for some fun, some sun and a much needed break from the cold and slushy winter vibes you're experiencing right now. Check out some of the Miami romance month deals and find a beach-side hotel that calls to you.

Valmorel, France

Always wanted to go skiing in the French Alps but assumed you couldn't afford it? Guess what? You can. Check out the super affordable and all-inclusive rates at Club Med Valmorel and spend the day of love getting your ski on ... or just hang inside at the spa or by the heated pools and watch other people ski.

Sedona Vortex

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Wanna do something really different? Head to the spiritual town of Sedona, Arizona and hang out in the energy packed natural landscape that is host to a vortex. Take in the sights, meditate, and have a very unique experience together.

Acadia National Park, ME

The White House/Getty Images News/Getty Images

One of the most beautifully diverse national parks, the Acadia landscape will provide for a seriously magical Valentine's Day. Hike, explore, and then head into the coastal town for fresh seafood and laid-back romancing. Also, fun fact: the Obamas vacation there.

Nantucket, MA


This summer hot-spot is basically empty in the winter — which makes it the perfect romantic getaway. You'll have the island to yourself, with all the views, all the charm, and none of the long lines or jacked-up prices.

Newberg, OR

People always talk about Portland as being the best destination in Oregon, and while I won't disagree, there's one special spot that people are forgetting when they focus on Portland — Newberg, the gorgeous little vineyard town that's host to The Allison Inn & Spa. This stunning spot is the best rated spa in the whole state and its on-site vineyard produces the most delicious wine you'll ever have.

Brooklyn, NY

Williamsburg, Brooklyn is an ever-expanding and exiting neighborhood that's had the opportunity to welcome a lot of uber-hip new hotels that rival Manhattan's best. Check out a new spot like The Williamsburg Hotel and enjoy a weekend of art, culture, fine dining and endless live music options.