9 Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Aren’t Cheesy


Relationships should always have romance, Valentine’s Day or not. But the pressure is definitely on come February 14, no doubt about it. So what are some romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas that aren’t cheesy? Great question.

Valentine's Day is just one day out of a remaining 364 in which to demonstrate your affection,” Susan Winter, relationship expert and bestselling author of Allowing Magnificence, tells Bustle. “Don’t buy into the consumer marketing ploy. Meaningful relationships are built on small, consistent acts of kindness over the entirety of a relationship. Grand gestures pale in comparison to the littler acts of ongoing appreciation and thoughtfulness.”

But, meanwhile, what can you do on the holiday itself? For one, don’t think of it as the ~huge deal~ people make it out to be. “Don’t let special occasion days like Valentine’s Day add pressure to a relationship,” Antonia Hall, psychologist, relationship expert, and author of The Ultimate Guide to a Multi-Orgasmic Life, tells Bustle. “People can have a love or hate feeling towards the holiday. Maybe you would both rather stay in, cook together, and watch a movie, which keeps things low-key and not out in the frays with symbols of love staring you both in the face. Or perhaps you’d prefer an evening out together. Either way, treat it like just another date with your sweetheart so you can continue to get to know them and enjoy them without any added pressure.”

Exactly! And, let’s face it — you can make almost anything romantic; it’s all about execution and creativity. Here are some romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas that aren’t cheesy, because everyone can use some new inspiration on how to celebrate February 14, right?!