Valfre's Nokia Phone Case Will Make You Want To Play Snake Like It's 1994

The indestructible Nokia lives on, just this time as a cute fashion accessory. Valfre's Nokia phone case is the ultimate '90s accessory to have this summer, transforming your iPhone into a heavy concrete block.

It might have been decades since the Nokia phone was mainstream (I mean, the Razor is a more modern model,) but the nostalgia for the block-y phone continues. Our modern phones might have gotten slimmer and smarter, but they also break at the slightest touch. On the other hand, you would have to drop your Nokia into Mount Doom in Middle-earth for it to stop working. It can fall in the toilet, break into a million pieces, fall off a staircase, or get run over a car, and the Nokia will still work like brand new.

Not only does the '90s phone apparently operate on black magic, but it also fits into the '90s throwback moment we're experiencing. If you're wearing brown lipstick, choker necklaces, and grunge baby-doll dresses this summer, then you might be feeling nostalgic for your old concrete block phone. Valfre's Nokia T9 case will make it easy for you to feel like you're playing snake and texting by numbers again.

The T9 Nokia phone case is made for iPhones only, and its 3D cover case is made from silicone. The cover copies the iconic Nokia design, but Valfre gave the case its trademark feminine twist. The Nokia phone is now pink and white, along with a bright green screen.

"The T9 phone was iconic and really allowed people to start getting creative with matching their technology to their outfits (ever changing phone cases, and colors!). That's why we really wanted to give people a chance to bring it back," Ilse Valfre, founder of Valfre, shares with Bustle. "This case will not only be totally on trend as the '90s are vibing and thriving again, but it'll bring you the comforts of adolescence."

Valfre has a lot of '90s inspired pieces across its various collections, and there is a reason for that. "The '90s have always been a time we adored and because of that a lot of our past fashion collections pull inspiration from the '90s," Valfre explains. "For example, there is our Cowgirl collection, which is adorned with cow prints. Valfre also loves a good crop top and graphic t-shirt, which is another thing we attribute to the great '90s. We even did a Clueless-inspired collection last year!" In case you want more '90s pieces to match your new Nokia phone, shop some picks from Valfre below.

Creeping It Real Hat

Channel your inner Spice Girl with this zebra newspaper boy hat. It looks even more amazing if you pair it with a matching zebra pinafore dress and perhaps platform sneakers.

Meena Dress

This grunge inspired floral dress has playful cutouts and a tie front, making it your new go-to summer dress.

Little Homie Crossbody Bag

This compact crossbody bag looks like something straight out of the Delia's catalog, if the catalog allowed weed graphics. The cartoon-like illustration and checkered black and white strap has the '90s all over it.

Make this a nostalgic summer and transform your iPhone into a Nokia. Maybe that way you'll get through the season without cracking your screen!