'Vanderpump Rules' Star Scheana Shay Receives A Shady Serenade From Estranged Husband Mike Shay In New Rap Song — VIDEO


Yikes! After revealing that she's moved on to a new relationship during last night's reunion episode, Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay receives a shady serenade from estranged husband Mike Shay in a new rap song posted to his Instagram account. If you're a fan of VR, you know the tumultuous twists and turns that Scheana and Mike's relationship has taken over the course of this past season. It's been rollercoaster of emotions — to say the least.

Scheana would eventually break things off with the rapper on screen, late last year, after accusing him of abusing drugs, while draining her savings account to support his habits. Among other things, there were also allegations of infidelity that were introduced to the fold.

When it was all said and done, Mike was obviously shocked, hurt, and angry that his one-time love would expose his demons in front of hundreds of thousands of Pump Rules viewers — including his family and friends. He said:

However, it would be the airing of last night's April 17 reunion that would ultimately be the final straw for the aspiring hip-hop artist. As it appears that Mike may have been totally blindsided upon learning the actual identity of Scheana's new love interest while filming the season's wrap-up show.

Shortly after the cringe-worthy episode, in which the 31-year-old reality star revealed that she had began dating actor Rob Valetta concluded, Mike posted the video for his single, “Grind for the Check.”

The visual snippet features what appears to be personal footage of his former wife, along with some pretty choice words. You can check out the entire Instagram video below:

The scathing lyrics seemingly detail his feelings on their shocking spilt, which made headlines in November of last year. He viciously raps,

And if that's not enough, the 29-year-old's diatribe continues as he offers Scheana a glimpse into his life since he's "moved on" from her.

Mike also captioned the video clip with a message of closure. He wrote,

Although things have been over between these two for some time now, it appears that Mike still had bit of an axe to grind with Scheana, wouldn't you say?

I suppose the reality relationship curse is still very alive and well as another couple officially bites the dust. Although, I do hope that these two can make amends and somehow, at least remain cordial, before anymore diss records are released. But, then again, I guess you've gotta have some material for next season, right?