Nick & Vanessa Are Having Serious 'Bach' Convos

Phillippe Bosse/ABC

Nick and Vanessa seem to be moving to the fast lane of everlasting love, but even on The Bachelor, things can get a little hairy. Sure, the cameras and all of that are there, and things seem hunky dory, but the real world will eventually creep in. That’s why Nick and Vanessa have had some serious talks over the course of their relationship on The Bachelor. It has to happen sometime! Nick and Vanessa talked about moving on The Bachelor, and even though there was no resolution, it was a good start.

So much of The Bachelor is sunshine and butterflies — that’s why the more serious-natured women don’t seem to do as well, in my opinion. They don’t have time for the crap. They want to get to know this man and not deal with having to dress up for play photo shoots. If you’re going to get married, you want answers! And I’m with those serious-natured people on this one. Vanessa is one of them. She wants to know where Nick thinks he could move, if he likes to carry on traditions, etc., and Nick’s general response is “Uhhh… I appreciate that.” Nick and Vanessa went back and forth for a bit on what their future could hold, and even though they didn’t come up with any answers, it’s still important they had the conversation.

It’s certainly not fun to watch people have real-life conversations about the future of their relationships, but in the interest of having these couples stay together for the long run, it’s really important. Getting engaged and married after The Bachelor and thinking that it will all work out isn’t really enough. If you want it to work, you have to at least try to talk it out, and that’s what Vanessa and Nick are trying to do.