Signs Vanessa Ends Up With Nick On 'The Bachelor'

by Marenah Dobin
ABC/Phillippe Bosse

This season of The Bachelor is not what any of us expected. After weeks of comedic entertainment from Alexis Waters and Corinne Olympios, we now have no choice but to focus solely the potential love story with one of the contestants and Nick Viall. And if you take a look back, you probably will realize that there have been so many signs that Nick will choose Vanessa Grimaldi at the end of The Bachelor.

Don't get me wrong, Raven Gates is my girl, but it is just so obvious that Vanessa is the one Nick will choose, especially now that we know Rachel Lindsay is starring on The Bachelorette next season. There has been something strong between Nick and Vanessa since the very beginning of this journey. They just seem like the most realistic match. And, unfortunately, that includes the fact that, if she does win, they're going face some very real obstacles, like them currently living in two different countries.

But I'm not here to talk logistics or rehash the Bachelor success rates, I'm just saying that it really has seemed all along like Nick was going to pick Vanessa and that he probably will.

1. She Talked About Coming Out Of This Engaged In The First Episode

I could not help thinking that it was foreshadowing when Vanessa's intro video included her saying, "Obviously, it'd be amazing if I came back and was engaged!" I felt like it was a major hint that she was the one to watch.

2. Nick Said "She's A Keeper" When She Entered The Mansion

Again, I feel like this was another sign of foreshadowing. Maybe Nick made hopeful comments about some of the other ladies or maybe he did not, but Nick declaring "she's a keeper" about Vanessa and it getting shown during the first episode made me think that they fell in love right there in the driveway. Well, maybe not "love" at that point, but they just felt like a real couple right away.

3. She Fits In With Nick's "Type"

Vanessa is a gorgeous brunette with a strong will who is not afraid to speak her mind. That is very Andi Dorfman/Kaitlyn Bristowe/Jen Saviano. Plus, when Nick previously spoke to Bustle's I Want It That Way podcast about "his type," he noted that he likes confident and assertive women.

4. She's Not Afraid To Challenge Him

Vanessa has always told Nick how she felt. Instead of sucking up to him or living in fear of not getting a rose, Vanessa keeps it real. She called Nick out after that bouncey castle session with Corinne, she wasn't afraid to complain at volleyball, and she took issue with Nick asking the other dads for permission to propose during hometown dates. Vanessa says what she thinks instead of just accepting everything as "a part of the Bachelor process.

5. She & Nick Have Undeniable Chemistry

There has always been a strong connection between these two. Even in zero gravity, they couldn't help floating to each other. Vanessa has always been a front-runner and it's been for good reason.

6. Nick Cried On Their First Date

No one expected Nick to get that emotional so early in the show, but he could not help the tear fest when he was talking with Vanessa during their first dinner together. This seemed like it could have been the point when Nick realized that this show was actually going to work out for him this time. There was serious potential for him to end up engaged to Vanessa.

7. They Managed To Make Puke Romantic

Describing the date where Vanessa puked into a bag and immediately made out with Nick sounds disgusting, but if you watched it, you have to admit that you were swept up in their romance. No one else could have pulled this off.

8. Her Reaction Faces Are Always Shown

This just seems like a subliminal way of letting the audience know that Vanessa's opinion matters. Whenever anything interesting happens, the camera always pans to her face. Coincidence? I think not. It makes me feel like her opinions and reactions are important to follow.

9. Nick Told Her "Stay Out Of Your Head" After Their Hometown Date

This was a low-key moment that I only noticed after watching the episode back, but it really said a lot to me. When Nick was leaving Vanessa's hometown date, he kissed her and told her "stay out of your head, OK?" I felt like that was his way of reassuring her that it's all going to work out without actually telling her that she is the one. I can't believe that her gave her the last rose in the following rose ceremony, but still. I took Nick's words as a good sign and I hope Vanessa did too.

10. They Are Both Dedicated To Their Large Families

It could be easy for anyone to be overwhelmed dating a person with a large family like Nick and Vanessa both have. Not only do they both have this in common, but they are both very family-oriented and make their siblings and parents a priority.

11. She's Mature

Vanessa is mature, she's been through a lot, and she knows what she wants in life. It's clear that she's there for the "right reasons."

12. She's Down-To-Earth

After four seasons looking for love on television and with a stint on Dancing With the Stars coming up, Nick's reality TV life could use some reality. Vanessa is a teacher for adults with special needs. She has a strong sense of self and, like I've said a million times, she is not afraid to share her opinion. Vanessa would offer a solid, down-to-earth perspective in their relationship as they navigated reality TV fame together.

13. She Asks The Tough Questions

Don't get me wrong, I love when the other contestants tell endearing stories about their childhood or ex-boyfriends, but there are other conversations that need to be had. Vanessa has no issue asking Nick about his feelings, how serious he is about finding a wife, and the logistics of making their lives work in the real world.

14. She's In Love With Nick

Yes, I know that other people dropped the L-bomb this season, but it just seems more real when it comes to the connection between Nick and Vanessa this season. I can just tell that Nick wants to say it back to her, too.

If you're not a member already, Team Vanessa is the one to join this season. It is so obvious that she is the one for Nick.