Vanessa Isn't Thrilled With The 'DWTS' Judges

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi really haven’t had any room to breathe in their new post-Bachelor relationship. They went from The Bachelor to a tense After The Final Rose special to Dancing With The Stars. Vanessa is in the audience for every DWTS taping, and on the May 1 episode, Vanessa wasn’t happy with Nick’s Dancing With The Stars scores — and she wasn’t afraid to show it.

Of course, when Nick’s dance was over, the cameras in the studio automatically pan to Vanessa for her reaction. What did she think of her beau’s contribution to dance society? She looked happy enough, but when the judges started giving their scores and critiques, Vanessa was none the pleased. She frowned and said something along the lines of it not being fair or something (I’m not a professional lip-reader here, I just have a DVR that I rewound 50 times). Dancing With The Stars is just for a few weeks, but hopefully at least, her relationship with Nick is forever. So she's standing by her man, bad dancing scores and all.

Or, she was... until he got sent home. Now they can truly start their lives offscreen, even though it's sans Mirrorball trophy.