Vanessa Really Opened Up To 'Bachelor' Nick

Rick Rowell/ABC

Now that we are down to six women on The Bachelor, it's time for things to start getting serious — especially since it's almost time for those hometown dates. And that means whatever feelings the women have been developing for Nick Viall are getting even more intense, especially when it comes to a certain contestant who Nick has had a special connection with so far. On Monday night's episode, Vanessa told Nick she loves him on The Bachelor, but he didn't exactly return the sentiment.

After Nick and his ladies traveled to Bimini, the first one-on-one date of the trip kicked off with Vanessa. Although it could never compete with their ridiculously cute zero gravity date, chilling on a boat and on the beach looked pretty fun, and something about seeing them together just makes me feel like they are meant for each other. But during dinner, things took an interesting turn. Vanessa finally decided to admit to Nick that she's falling in love with him, and even though she (and I, honestly) expected him to say it back, he... didn't.

The good news? It doesn't seem like he's holding back because he doesn't have feelings for her; it just seems like it's his prior Bachelorette experience coming into play.

Instead of returning her feelings, Nick explained that he only wants to say "I love you" again if he really means it, so he's taking it slow and waiting 'til he's 100 percent sure. It makes sense, since he's been on Vanessa's side of this situation so many times and he's probably just trying to be fair to everyone. On the other hand, I understand how disappointed Vanessa must be, especially since it was pretty obvious she was looking for reassurance that she wasn't the only one feeling this way.

Hopefully, Nick's able to give Vanessa the validation she needs soon. Don't mess this up, dude. Vanessa is a total catch.