Vegan Memorial Day 2017 Barbecue Ideas Even Meat Lovers Will Enjoy

Considering most holidays are centered around sharing food with a bunch of other people, being vegan on Memorial Day usually means you'll spend the day assuring everyone that yes, you have enough to eat, and no, you don't feel like you're missing out on anything. Abstaining from animal products is becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle, but it's not so common that you can roll up to any old Memorial Day barbecue and assume you'll be able to eat anything other than the potato chips. The good news is that there are plenty of options out there for vegans to bring to the grill — food that even non-vegans will enjoy.

Although the summer solstice isn't until June, Memorial Day is considered the unofficial beginning of the season. Initially known as Decoration Day, Americans first started observing the holiday following the Civil War, and it was declared an official federal holiday in 1971. True to its name, Memorial Day is meant to honor members of the military who died in war. However, it's also become synonymous with barbecues, trips to beach, and all the other hallmarks of a summer bash.

Although grilling out is associated with cheeseburgers and endless racks of ribs, vegans don't have to sit back and pick at a half-wilted while everyone else chows down on charred animal carcasses. Here are 17 totally meat- and dairy-free ideas to bring to a barbecue in 2017.

1. Chili Lime Corn On The Cob

Love and Lemons

Corn on the cob is already a grilling staple, so offer to bring it. You can stay simple with salt, pepper, and a little oil, or try this recipe for Chili Lime Grilled Corn from Love and Lemons. To make the sauce vegan, just use vegan mayo.

2. BBQ Tofu

Oh She Glows

If you've been a vegan for a while, you're probably an expert at preparing tofu. Try this recipe for easy BBQ tofu from Oh She Glows, and you'll be a hit among the meatless crowd.

3. Portobello Sliders

Love and Lemons

Mushroom burgers may not taste exactly like meat, but they're just as filling and delicious in their own way. Head over to Love and Lemons for a recipe for barbecue portobello mushroom sliders.

4. Spicy Chickpea Burgers

Oh She Glows

For a different meatless burger option, try these spicy chickpea burgers from Oh She Glows. Sure, you could buy veggie burgers from the grocery store, but don't you want to be able to brag that you made your own?

5. "Cheesy" Corn on the Cob

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Nutritional yeast is popular in the vegan community for its cheese-like flavor. Follow these instructions from The Kitchn to make "cheesy" corn on the cob.

6. BBQ Chickpea Sandwich

Naturally Ella on YouTube

Sandwich lovers, this one's for you. Naturally Ella's BBQ chickpea sandwich recipe combines mashed chickpeas, homemade barbecue sauce, and tahini slaw into one delicious dish.

7. Smoky Mac & Greens

Fo Reals Life

Being vegan doesn't mean you have to give up comfort food. Head to Fo Reals Life, a vegan cooking blog, to try her recipe for smoky mac and greens.

8. Vegetable Kabobs

Damn Delicious

Veggie kabobs are easy to grill and a perfect complement to whatever else you're making. You can use whatever ingredients you like, but if you're looking for inspiration, check out this recipe from Damn Delicious.

9. Fruit Salad

How Sweet It Is

Replace the honey with agave in this recipe from How Sweet It Is to make it vegan, and you have a colorful side dish or dessert.

10. Avocado Pasta Salad

Fo Reals Life

No cookout is complete without pasta salad, so check out Fo Reals Life's oil-free version of the dish.

11. Mango Sriracha Cauliflower Wings

Vegan Richa

Technically, Vegan Richa's recipe for baked cauliflower wings was created for the Super Bowl, but they can fit in anywhere. Bake them ahead of time and snack away as everyone else is busy grilling.

12. Roasted Cashews

Wallflower Kitchen

Cookouts are for snacking until you realize you're totally full right before everyone starts eating. If that sounds like your typical Memorial Day, try these spicy roasted cashews from Wallflower Kitchen.

13. Tofu Kebabs

Making Thyme for My Health

Oh look, more kebabs! For something more substantial than the traditional vegetable version of the dish, head to Making Thyme for My Health for its fajita tofu kebabs recipe.

14. Mango Salsa

Damn Delicious

For something a little sweeter than your typical dip, try this strawberry mango salsa from Damn Delicious.

15. Pineapple Lemonade

Damn Delicious

Don't forget to bring something to drink. There are plenty of fancy drink recipes out there, like the pineapple lemonade over on Damn Delicious.

16. Hummus

Cookie and Kate

You had to know hummus was going to make this list. As long as you have a food processor, you can make your own with Cookie and Kate's recipe for "Green Goddess" hummus.

17. Guacamole

Closet Cooking

Literally everyone loves guacamole. Therefore, everyone will love you for bringing some you made yourself. To learn how, head over to Closet Cooking.