Venmo John From 'Bachelor In Paradise' Just Made His New Relationship Instagram Official

Craig Sjodin/ABC

After a likable stint on Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette, John Graham, aka Venmo John, wound up being one of the most sought-after guys on Bachelor in Paradise Season 5. Even so, he ended the season single. So does that mean he will be back on the beach next summer? Not so fast. Bachelor in Paradise alum Venmo John has a girlfriend now. And yes, they are Instagram official.

On Feb. 27, John shared a snow-filled photo with a woman named Brittni Nowell, who has a private Instagram. In the caption, he shared the origin of their relationship. He began,

"There’s snowplace like being with this one. At first, I tried to play it cool around @bee_nowell. So I pushed her in the snow like a true gentleman. My B..."

Apparently, he was channeling an elementary school courtship. Thankfully, he changed up his tactics. John continued,

"But then I realized I couldn’t keep my cool at all, so I’ve been trying to win her over ever since. Now, I’m lucky enough to call her my B, and I’m excited for our adventures ahead!"

In a comment on the post, Brittni wrote, "brought you all the way to my hometown just to be shoved in the snow.... I'll allow it." John sweetly replied, "This is why you're the best." How exciting! No Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 for Venmo John. Instead, he and his girlfriend can watch the show, stress-free, on the couch at home.

Even though John did not find love on reality TV, it does seem like his experiences on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise helped him make some positive changes. In June 2018, John discussed his time on TV in an AMA, Ask Me Anything, on Reddit. He shared,

"My life has changed 100% for the better, and all of that change is in my own head. I'm more confident in meeting new people, open to chatting with everyone, happy to be open & vulnerable in dialogue, and not judgmental."

Even though he was technically "competing" for love on TV, it was actually a great thing for him. In that same Reddit AMA, he revealed, "I really try not to compare myself to other people now -- which I did heavily on the show in the beginning."

Overall, John concluded that dating on TV has taught him a lot. He explained, "It forces you to confront & articulate your emotions in ways that I haven't done before, and I'm happy with the changes I've set out for myself."

In another thread in that same AMA, John discussed the DMs he received from fans. He shared, "I've gotten a few messages from mothers that are telling me to ask out their daughters. Or some people refer their girl friends to me to ask them out on a date." Hopefully, Brittni's friends and family are as on-board about Venmo John as complete strangers have been.

Before getting in a relationship of his own, Venmo John happily third-wheeled with Bachelor couple Angela Amezcua and Clay Harbor.

Angela commented on his post with her excitement, and John invited them to California.

Even though Venmo John did not find love on reality television, it seems like his time on Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelorette helped him become someone who was truly ready for the right relationship.