The Gags In Victoria Beckham's New YouTube Videos Will Spice Up Your Life No End

by Alice Broster
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She first burst into our lives as part of the band that started the girl power revolution. Then she transformed into the fierce fashion queen to follow, and now she has thrown herself into becoming a social media comedian. Victoria Beckham really is the gift that keeps on giving. The Spice Girl is about to shake you to your core as Victoria Beckham's new YouTube series is about to give you life. Looking fabulous as ever, donning a silk pink robe and hair towel turban, she gave her Instagram followers a taster of what is to come and I am not quite sure you’ll be ready for it.

A source revealed to The Sun that Beckham isn’t messing about with this new venture into comedy. She has reportedly hired a script writer for her new YouTube series, In The Chair, which she started filming on Jan. 15. Surrounded by fabulous pals Beckham films herself using a selfie stick — branding herself a “selfie stick virgin” despite a camera crew being in full view behind her. She doesn’t miss a beat as she pokes fun of herself for liking to be in control at all times.

So, what exactly should fans of posh spice expect from this step into the world of comedy? You might need to sit down for this. The Sun reported that Beckham has a series of skits and sketches planned out and I can hardly wait to see them. In one, the publication reported she suggests an Oscars review show of “three to six hours an episode” hosted by herself. The newspaper said that whilst Beckham was confused why didn’t win Best Actress for Spice World she has her sights on bigger things. “I suppose they can only consider people who’ve been in feature films in the past year. Otherwise, I’m sure I would be (Gesturing at herself) Isn’t there some category, some kind of lifetime achievement? I’m a wife mother, businesswoman, designer, icon.” This is exactly the kind of energy I need to take with me in 2019.

Branding her YouTube channel as “like the Queen’s Speech but longer and with me rather than the Queen”, according to newspaper Beckham is yet to announce a launch date for her entrance into comedy. However, she has been blessing her 24 million Instagram followers with teasers galore and if they are anything to go off, you need to keep your eye on her YouTube channel. Who knew her third career would be as a YouTube sensation?

A representative for Beckham told the Daily Mail, “Victoria has always used digital platforms to engage directly with her audience and the new channel will provide audiences an insight into the Victoria Beckham brand and her role as Creative Director, via both fly-on-the-wall footage as well as fun scripted moments.”

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From fancy facials to her new clothing launches, Beckham already shares a snippet of her life on Instagram. As a long standing posh spice fan I am happy she is giving us another glimpse into her fabulous life and showing the haters that she has a wicked sense of humour.